Monday, August 24, 2009

Julia...and Tara.

I have to admit I love Tara. I do. We went to culinary school together 14 years ago. In all my life there isn't one other person who really gets me and food the way she does. We're so similar and different. Sick down to earth foodies who love gourmet, and yet took this bag of crap into the movie. Oh my gosh...don't tell them we snuck it in...please. Especially since we saw Julie and Julia. It just seems wrong on so many disturbing levels that we took...dots. But we did. All the non-healthy sugar loaded junk that I say not to eat. There it is in my snazzy polk-a-dot hand bag ready to watch a cooking icon who basically brought French cooking to American homes and made it accessible. Even the American grade Lindt really doesn't count as gourmet, right? Sorry... On so many sick and wrong levels.

We didn't eat it all. In fact, 3 boxes made it home. know. Don't think I just fell off the culinary planet forever or lost sight of my Weight Watchers goals. Oh dear...I Just lost all the food snobs, didn't I? All the ones who think that, "if you really are a would never condone this crap." I can't say much. I have to be honest. It was this or the can of spaghettios I ate cold from the can with a spoon for lunch. There. Thank the good Lord for friends like Tara who despite culinary school with me, still can eat a Jr. Mint and think (like Kramer)..."they're soooo refreshing". I won't ever claim perfection. Only perfect imperfection...and be glad for friends who appreciate that.

I will also still be infinitely thankful for Julia. She did change the world of food as she set out to do. I'm so glad she did. On that note, I did bawl the whole way home after the movie wondering why I do what I do. Relating to her on so many good levels and seeing her struggles. At one point, as she sees defeat and just wonders what all her work was for (was it just to have something to do)...I felt 100% like I was there. Will my work matter? Oh I hope so. I hope it reaches many, many, many people who need it. Maybe, just will reach some who need a non-food snob to be the chef. I'm sure that would be okay.

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