Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nacho Cups and Pizza Bites

I was walking through a local grocery store yesterday with my 10 year old and a clean cut police officer (stunningly good looking "John Baker" kind of officer) was escorting a homeless lady out of the store. Little Man turns to me and says "seems like a nice couple." Gosh I love that kid. I like him too. We cook stuff together to go in his lunchboxes. It's a nice way to pass the time. Afternoon snack included these little lovelies. Nacho cups. They are simple to make and can go in your lunch box or just park in the freezer (no comments on my parking). They can also easily be made into little pizza cups or bites. Y'all know what those little pizza bagels cost right? Daggumit. I feel so smart. Oh...and thank you Lisa for the idea!
So, it another simple use of the basic bread recipes...this will make 48 little lovelies. Not bad right? Take half of the dough per 24 mini muffin pan pieces of dough. For 24 nacho cups you will need:
One batch of any of the basic bread recipes (2/5 of the 5 day dough or the whole recipe on the others.) I've also seen this done with...those tubes of biscuits. I have nothing else to say on that, except I'm not eating them...your kids are. Do what you want.
1/2 cup of your favorite salsa (mild for kiddos)
1 cup cheese
chili powder
I also happened to use some pickled red onion and queso fresco...but my kids will eat almost anything. It's taken years to get them to this point so don't feel badly. I'm just saying...these are also good for adults. You can add cooked meat, chopped pizza veggies...whatever. Be creative! Geesh! If I give you some basic guidelines...go crazy! I do.
Generously oil a mini muffin pan. Mine has 24 spaces. Take half the bread dough and roll it out into a rectangle, 18 by 24 inches approximate. Cut into 24 pieces. 6 by 4 works pretty well.
Take the dough squares. Okay wait. Why is it they call him Sponge Bob Square pant? Wouldn't brown pants be just as fun? Okay...back to nacho cups.

Poke a hole in the dough in those fancy spaces provided in the muffin tin. Nice muffin tin people make it so easy for us don't they? in your space provided...add a dot of salsa (or pizza sauce if you are making pizzas).
Top with your cheese and stuff. or your kids will want to eat these...right?! (Evil grin...) Sprinkle with chili powder.
Bake 350 degrees 20-25 minutes. Cool. Freeze in individual freezer bags for a quick grab to go in lunches or a nice little snack after school. Also good for that time... You never know when it will strike, but there comes a crucial moment at work when you've made up your mind that you just aren't doing anything productive for the rest of the day. You know, I might have to have some nacho cups right... now.
Oh wait...I better get ready for the TV segment tomorrow. Wouldn't want to muff that one up.
There you go.

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Goob said...

lovely! And why oh why have I been taking the time to use the biscuit cutter when these turned out equally as great cutting the dough into squares?
and dude! Thanks for the shoutout! Seriously, if I can inspire Tess than my work is