Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rambling Reviews D-Dog BBQ

Darin Hearn, AKA D Dog BBQ rubs and sauce sent me a very snazzy package this week. I love samples. I've used his stuff before so I was very excited to try these new products.
I have to do a little bragging at this point. D-dog’s BBQ Original rub took FIRST PLACE and D-dog’s BBQ Maple rub takes SECOND PLACE in the COOK-OFF Dry Seasoning / Rub category of the Americas Best™ Professional Food Competition! Otis and the Bird BBQ team took first place in Ribs at the Durango Colorado BBQ Contest using D-dog's BBQ Maple Rub! Finally, the Competition BBQ Team - uses D-dog's BBQ Original Rub on their brisket and took 3rd. place in the Arizona State BBQ Championship.
No doubt it's the good stuff. I have used all of the rubs now. It's official. Even though we are generally vegetarian we use the rubs on vegetables for the grill. Sweet potatoes are by far my favorite with the new peach rub as the seasoning and a little splash of the sassy spicy cranberry chipotle sauce. Good news...I can even read and understand what all the ingredients are!
Small words are good for my brain.
Most astonishing by far was the crisp fruity smell and taste of the peach rub. Rarely do we delve into meat, but I went ahead and got some pork chops in anticipation of the arriving package from Darin Hearn, founder, owner and grill chef extraordinaire.

I didn't add anything else but the rub. Heaven. Dear oh dear.

Would I use them again? Yes. I'll probably be ordering them by the case. Thank you so very much Darin!

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Goob said...

I am totally intrigued by the peach rub!