Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Thoughts...winter coats.

I never wear a coat in Arizona. Never. I think I can count on two fingers the times I've worn my fabulous white princess coat. That's not because I am a spoiled high-maintenance chick with twelve designer coats either. This one I got at a yard sale. I don't need a coat for physical climate reasons. I need sunglasses and a good lip balm. Those sunglasses are not designer ones either. I have one pair. So, meet the practical real chef Tess. In the car on the way to the airport to visit my family in my hometown, I realized I was wearing a coat, a sweater and two long sleeve shirts. Like a dork. I am Wimple-stilt-skin. I Chef Tess am a total gutless wonder when it comes to cold. I can own that. I can also own the fact that the guy who sat next to me on the plane giggled when he sat down and said, "nice coat". (Hopefully he wasn't mocking my timeless fashion sense...). In all reality, he was from Utah and in a short sleeve dress shirt and tie. No coat for him. No coat. I felt like an idiot. But not a big enough idiot to take off my coat. Was the coat thick enough to mask my obvious inability to ward off the cold? Nope. I was purple lipped for 3 days. When I return to my loving husband and children in Arizona, I will put the coat in the closet and put on my shorts, walk outside barefoot without getting frozen toes, and water the lawn. The snow is fun to visit...blah, blah,blah. A BBQ in December tossing a Frisbee and having a picnic outside without freezing is golden. Arizona travel board sending me several thousand dollars for this post...priceless. No...they didn't. I would settle for a pair of designer sunglasses my lovelies. That's all I have to say about that.

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mlebagley said...

What a beautiful picture of you, my lovely! And your coat was timeless...very elegant. Mr snicker can just.... I don't know. I'm sure there's something appropriate and proper to say here, but I can't come up with it.