Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whittle Spoons

"Mom, do you know how to whittle a spoon from a log? I mean can you carve one?" I thought it was a random question until I sat down with my son Face and watched about the life of Richard Pronneke...the man who lived alone in the wilderness of Alaska for thirty-plus years and lived off the land in a cabin he constructed with his own hands. I saw what my son was talking about. Richard took a piece of wood... and from it, carved a spoon right in front of our eyes. I was amazed to see it. I wanted one! The scoop he said, " was just the right size for pancake". Seemed simple to watch. After the movie we ran outside to the wood stump of what had once been a trusted orange tree. Face got out his saw and began vigorously sawing. 2 hours later we had a spoon. I whittle. Yes I do. This is it.
Only, it may be made out of something a lot softer...and smaller. We gave up on the wood, as I realized for a beginning project, it was maybe a little too much for a seven year old. He ran to the storage room and brought back 2 bars of soap. Yes my friends. This is a soap spoon. Seriously not to be confused with a soup spoon.

Only problem with a soap spoon is that it makes everything taste the same.
So why do I bring this up on the Sunday post? Just a reminder that even the whittle things make lasting memories. Take some time with the ones you love. Try something new. Whittle.
The desire to create is given to you by a Divine Creator...who has confidence in your ability to shape lives and mold characters. It may not be the perfect soap spoon that matters in the end, but the well rounded heart your carve out in the process.


aswesow said...

That is priceless. A soap spoon, who'd of thunk it. I'm just debating posting my sprouted wheat bread. Thinks I still need to work on it some. It rose only to sink again when I put it in the oven. Go figure. 3 of 4 loaves were edible tho. Me and the bunnies shared the forth. Mini Lop said it was the best bread she'd ever had. Anyway' try it...I myself have never made a decent loaf of bread,'cept in the bread maker, and then I've had a few bricks. Happy Sunday to you

Dori said...

Just about the cutest thing I ever saw! got me on "the whittle things"--even got an eyeroll out of the husband when I shared. :)

TL said...

I am loving your blog. Found it yesterday and have spent hours reading all your different posts. I don't love working in the kitchen but since I have a family it is a necessity. I just wanted to say thanks. I'm going to try out some of your freezer meals this week and I might even venture out and make some bread! :) Thanks so much for sharing your talent and making it so even I (as a novice) can understand.

mlebagley said...

Beautiful thought...and what an amazing little spoon! Did Face make that or was that your craftiness at work? Great job either way! I love it!

Chef Tess said...

Thanks. Smooches. I made the spoon. Face ended up with an "arrowhead". I think he'll need more practice.