Sunday, May 9, 2010

How God Sees Women...Sunday Bread of Life Section

In a time and place where women may have been considered second class citizens to men, and when He had loyal disciples who certainly could have seen him first...he chose to show Himself first to a woman. To me the greatest expression of the esteem the Lord has for women was shown at that pivotal moment in history. Consider this one...when God chose women to be co-creators with divinity there was further proof of that great esteem. Eve was called the mother of all living...long before she ever gave birth to children. Women are God's crowning masterpiece. They should be treated as such.
When I left the working world, I realized quickly that there aren't blue ribbons for being a mother...but there are some priceless treasures.

Nobody can prepare for how it will feel to see the children leave...
Or how it will feel when they bring grand-children home to visit.
It doesn't take giving birth to a child, to make you a true mother. It takes a heart willing to love someone else...more than chocolate. Indeed. It takes a heart willing to love a child more than your very life.
At one time in history, I remember crying in prayer, "Can I be a Mother?"
The simple answer to my prayer came, "Do you have a mother's heart?" Children or's how you lift, build, bless, and magnify souls that makes you a Woman worthy to be called "Mother". It's a title that is earned...not just a birthright. To all the women who truly love beyond measure...Happy Mother's Day.

That's all I have to say about that.


Leily said...

Happy mother's day to you dear friend. It's really nice to have friends like you.
God bless you and your lovely family.

Unknown said...

Happy Mothers Day Sweet Sister,

I hope you trained the men in your life well enough.. you don't have to cook your own breakfast..

Chef Tess said...

Oh I love you gals! Happy Mother's day!

aswesow said...

I don't know, there are alot of less than perfect Mothers out there. "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." It's definately something to strive for...but it is an ideal. My wife comes close...sometimes! Happy Mothers Day to all, even if you feel inadequate sometimes, God knows what He's doing!

Chef Tess said...

I honestly think that one of the best things I ever heard was this, "There is not one perfect way to be a good mother." Indeed I believe it is possible to achieve excellence, but fall short of perfection...and still be an amazing mom. Kids just need to know that deep down they are loved for who they are, and that it's not a conditional love, but a true acceptance.