Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Super Cute Recycled Jean Apron Tutorial

Who wants to make a quick apron? Well, I have a few ideas today for Tutorial Tuesday and I think this may be the first tutorial on my blog that is not about food...but rather some cheap easy aprons moms and kids can make. With summer vacation just a few weeks away here, I wanted to make some aprons that the kids and their friends can totally make and use all summer with cooking classes. I also didn't want to spend a lot of money. I used one pair of my husband's old jeans, an old purse, some silk flowers, and a little fabric that was laying around here. So, what you see is what we had. Totally free to me.

These ones today are for girls, but there's not any reason they can't be done with a manly theme as well. This first one, was made from the leg of on of my husband's old jeans that I cut in half and opened up. The crazy adorable embroidery was from one of my favorite hand bags that I just couldn't seem to throw away. I loved the design so much and when the handle broke, I wanted to use it for something. So, this first apron was born.
I cut the purse open and put it on top of the jean leg centering the middle flower on the middle seam. Folding the edge over, and pinning it, I then sewed it to jean, leaving the top of the purse open so it had a full size pocket made from the purse.

I folded edges under, but because I wanted a rustic hippy type look, I decided against finishing the edges. I want it to fray when I wash it. I measured some ties from the remaining part of the jean legs and attached it to the apron on each side, like so...

The top of the purse was thick enough that I had to hand stitch the seams together on the back.

I love how it turned out. Now I can keep using my favorite purse while I cook. I feel so smart.
That doesn't happen everyday.

The next apron doesn't require much sewing at all, maybe 3 seams. If you can handle that, I think we're in business. The back side of my husband's jeans cut off just above the legs make the perfect base for an apron. I was sure to keep the belt loops in tact. I did finish off the edges with a zig-zag, so the apron wouldn't fray too much, but you don't have to finish the seams.

I took two strips of gingham, four inches wide and 36 inches long, and sewed them end to end to make the apron strap. Then I simply thread it through the belt loops.

With a safety pin I attached a cute flower to the center of the apron. That's it. Easy right?

The front of his pants, cut off just above the legs, was made into a third apron. I did sew some red ric-rack onto the edges, but did the belt and flowers in a similar fashion to the second apron.
Look how adorable the back looks for a little girl. Why don't I have an daughters?

So, with a little creativity and not any money other than what we already had in the house, we now have three new aprons. They're not fancy, but they are a little "Daisy Duke meets Martha Stewart". What's not to love about that?
There you go.


Unknown said...

Way cute, Steph! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Love ya!

Shellee said...

Oh Steph, you know me and how I love to sew! I really like this idea and I am planning on STEALING it!!! Mwah-ha-ha!

I think that adding a ruffle on the bottom and topstitching in an color that would stick out would rock... TIME TO PLAY!
Love you toots!

(This would be really cute to make a matching one to what Jolinda does with jeans... or maybe I should just use the jeans I USED to wear before getting preg!)

mlebagley said...

Super Cute is right! This is darling...can I share your tutorial with the ladies from church?

Chef Tess said...

Shellee, I would love to see pictures when you are done! I thought of adding ruffles and a bunch of other things, but wanted to keep it simple...but if you *can* sew, why not make it even more cute!! Go for it!! MLE You better share it with the ladies at church! I'm seeing a whole lot of small town USA running around this summer in these little aprons! YES!

Suzie's Corner said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Olivia said...

I love this! Especially since I don't sew much. Thank you, Chica!

rosemary said...

This will be very convenient at gatherings. I dont know about over there, but here in Zimbabwe sometimes there are people who come to funerals, weddings etc with hidden agendas. To have a denim apron with your phone and other handbag stuff on you whilst you cook!!Ahhhhhhh!!! The possibilities!! Thank you!!

Dori said...

Oh...but I DO have a little girl--one who would be BESIDE herself with glee if I presented her an apron like this! And I have a couple pair of jeans upstairs with holes in the knees...perfect!