Tuesday, June 22, 2010

18 Strand Braided Star Loaf Tutorial

I'm only doing pictures until I have given the Upcoming Classes In Salt Lake City Next Week!
I don't think it's fair to give all the details here if someone is paying full price for a class first, right? So...that being said, enjoy the pictures. Full recipes and details will follow by next Tuesday for sure.


aswesow said...

That is amazing. Would anyone ever make something like that and then eat it?

Gramee said...

I am going to the Oregon coast this week..
I love this bread!, but I think I would make it into a starfish, and make shell looking decorations on it..
It would be a welcome addition to our family reunion meal on Saturday..
I guess I will figure it out without the details.... lol
the pictures help a lot thanks!..

Shellee said...

Darn you Steph, quit making me think! I can't decide whether I'd rather make the bread and put it on display or make it and eat it. You stink! Love you!

P.S. I think you'll think this is funny, it's your type of word. The security word was "blecula". Do with it what you will.. I'm sure you or the boys can come up with something funny.

Chef Tess said...

Ha! Shellee, you always make me laugh! Blecula sounds like a cellular structure...or a type of bomb...or Edward Cullen when he takes off his shirt and is all blec-ula groose. Not super sexy seeing all that white glitter on a dude. Yes...I think we can do a lot with that word here.