Monday, June 28, 2010

Artisan Bread Class and Decorative Bread Class

Saturday I had the unique privilege to teach a bread making marathon, so to speak, with a sweet group of ladies at Orson H. Gygi's Culinary Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. The facility was amazing! We had ten ovens.

There where beginning bakers who had never made a loaf of bread before. We had bakers who had been baking since the sixties. One sweet gal flew all the way from Texas to join us.

I loved our Mother and daughter team, learning side by side. I loved them all. I hope they know it.

Even more fun was to pull the loaves of bread from the ovens with them. Sometimes the creative minds of my students blow me away.
Lace's bread. did it honey!

Elizabeth's artful design that we called the Frank Loyd Wright.
Jamie's star loaf. That's a new one for me!

Perhaps one of the highlights of my day was pulling a loaf of bread out of the oven that Jean had made. It was her first attempt at bread making...ever! Look at it. I'm just saying... we cheered and clapped and hugged each other. It was awesome!

Decorative bread class followed the Artisan bread session...and the class once again produced some great pieces of bread. Randi's classics...

Neive's wedding loaf...

Jamie's dream catcher.

Lorraine's braided loaf.

Elizabeth's leaves and floral.

I wish I had space to put a picture of every loaf up. They where all so amazing to see. Thank you ladies for a truly wonderful class. I will look forward to hearing of your continued baking joys!
There you go.

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