Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Remember the books Anne of Green Gables and the cute boy Gilbert who called Anne "Carrots!" He called her that because of her red hair, and the nickname stuck for years. Well, I can't eat one without thinking off Anne Shirley cracking Gilbert over the head with her slate. Girl meets boy...boy meets carrots. Similarly, today was a little epic in the life of my budding garden geeks. It was the day to finally pick the carrots they had planted.

It took me a while to convince them that there was actually something under the ground they would love to see. In fact I had spent the last couple of weeks telling them that we really did have carrots in the garden. I guess they where not convinced since it seems that everything else we planted was above the ground (even the potatoes they had a metal grip on the idea of them being in the ground) I don't know what the carrot hang up was.

I rarely add video to my spots, but this is just a few seconds...and it makes me smile to see Face pulling that first root out of the ground. Epic...for us.

Yes, we have gained a huge appreciation for little carrots. Now they're walking around the house with half chewed carrots in their mouths saying, "what's up doc?"

That's all I have to say about that.

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Gourmified said...

oh that is AWESOME! I've yet to grow carrots...someday. And Anne of Green Gables...CLASSIC! I never tire of that series!!!