Friday, June 11, 2010

Retro Rewind Pizza Freezer Friday

I recently received an email asking me to post my freezer to oven pizza crust recipe that works like those "oven rise" pizzas that one can purchase at the store. I wanted to update some who may be new to my blog of where that wonderful information can be found, but also re post the recipe so it can also be found in our Freezer Friday Section.
Freezer Meal Ideas Pizza

Chef Tess Bakeresse: Pizza:

I make pizza. Pizza by the ton. I imagine that explains a lot. Especially if it causes brain damage. Or excitability in children. Or the complete inability to get me to stop talking about bread. Whatever it is about homemade pizza, we have it. Yes. All the symptoms that come with it as well. I can't explain what draws me or the majority of the country to the pizza parlor but I for one have pizza in my parlor. If I had a fancy parlor I would definitely make space for a pizza table. As it is, we have a tiny enough space for a 4 seat er table in my kitchen. Just right for my boys to go completely berserk at the thought of Friday night pizza. So I thought it only fair to post the recipe I use for homemade oven rise pizza dough. Apparently it has been quite a hit with all who have tried it. Cheaper than the frozen oven rise pizza by about 5$ a piece too. Not bad for the 10 minutes it takes to get it done. Okay, it make take closer to 20 minutes.

Oven rise pizza dough
(for your freezer)

6 cups bread flour
2 1/4 cups water
1T baking powder
1T yeast
1T salt
1/4 cup oil.
Directions: Combine all ingredients in a mixer and knead 5 minutes. Let dough rest 5 minutes. Form into 3 9 inch crusts placed on cardboard cake rounds or lined sheet pans. Top with cold sauce and toppings (be sure vegetables are blanched). Freeze then transfer to gallon size freezer bags that are labeled clearly. Bake at 425 degrees for 25-30 minutes, preferably on a pizza stone. Serve hot. Refrigerate leftovers immediately.
Note: pre-cook meat and veggies for best results. put cheese right on sauce, and then toppings, this will ensure cheese stays on pizza.

What will I do when my boys are teenagers? EEEk!
There you go.


Anonymous said...

Chef, do you have a formula for whole wheat flour crusts?
Carol in KS

Chef Tess said...

Carol, Yes! You can use whole wheat here, just add 1/4-1/2 cup more water, as the fiber in the whole wheat seems to require more moisture for a tender crust.

Olivia said...

will using whole wheat flour change the the chewy texture of pizza crust? I've tried making whole wheat flour crust and it always comes out soft and...bready, as opposed to crisp and chewy. Make sense?

Chef Tess said...

Olivia, usually with the whole wheat you will need to knead it a bit longer to get the chewy texture. The fiber in the whole grain cuts the gluten fibers that contribute to that chewy texture so mixing a few minutes more will help with that. If you have a problem you can also supplement the wheat dough with a few tsp of vital wheat gluten flour, this will increase the chewy texture.Great question!

Gourmified said...

Seriously!? I'm totally going to try this out! We're a pizza-lovin' family! You are brilliant, as always!!!!!!!

Gourmified said...

Okay, just thought of a question. What if I did 1/2 white 1/2 wheat? What do I do to make it turn out? Same as white or knead more for the wheat?

Chef Tess said...

Yes! Half and half would totally work. Oh...and thank you for the sweet comments as always! Love to hear feedback.