Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Student Results (a very sweet rambling review)

I got a great review I wanted to share here, for those who have not joined my group site, this is from a gal who took one of my bread coaching sessions about two years ago...and she's still growing strong! Yes...I did say "growing" strong. I have cooking classes with her often. Thanks Gena!

Gena wrote:

"So I've been wanting to learn to make my own bread, but it rather intimidates me! Lucky me, I have this fabulously talented and gifted, not to mention willing and patient, professional chef friend who so kindly gave me a private bread baking class today at my house! Okay, the whole process was still intimidating even though Steph walked me through every step, but she is such a motivator! (And totally fun to hang out with!) Okay so my bread didn't turn out as beautifully formed and impressively raised as the one Steph helped me with, but I'm gonna give this bread making thing a shot!

My first bread loaves!

I'm so proud!

Still proud!

And the loaves made with Stephanie!

Someday my bread will look like this!
Now for my shameless plug... Some of you may know Stephanie already, but just in case you don't (go find her on my friend list) or don't know how talented she is, Stephanie does private and group cooking/baking classes, as well as cakes and catering, so if you're looking for great food or want to learn how to do something too - especially if you want to know about how to feed your family affordable, organic, natural, healthy foods- you should contact her! She does just about everything. I had a cake decorating party at my house where Stephanie taught us how to prepare a cake for decorating, make delicious butter-cream frosting and spread it perfectly smooth, make leaves and flowers out of frosting, AND other cool tricks for making flowers out of edible items! It was so fun!! You should have a party too - but you have to invite me!

I'm telling you, she is your go-to girl! Okay, I'm done now. :)"

Thanks for the great review Gena!

A Chef Tess P.S.:

A true mentor in baking is open for questions and discussions. It is my continuing goal to be available to answer what I can or (as I often do) direct you to further learning. Sometimes the greatest teachers are the ones who had the initiative to teach themselves. My goal is to teach you how to love the journey! I want you to search the writing of those far more learned and experienced then I am! I will scratch the surface…spark the passion ( I hope) and do all I can to fan the flame. Then, when your fire is hot enough, you will share your experiences with others. When you are better, I hope you will in turn go out and serve.

Powerful lessons occur when abstract concepts intersect with practical application. You will benefit most when you are deeply and personally involved in applying the things you have learned. When you are home and try to recreate what we did in class, I am so excited to answer phone calls and help you further. Please do not feel limited to a one time class, but consider this the start of a new partnership and friendship in our journey together. I learn so much from each new class and student. I hope you will consider me your mentor in learning the craft of bread making. It is a skill that will change your heart if you let it. I will help you. I will be honest with you on your performance. I will offer a system of standards here of what I expect of your work, then lead you lovingly towards competence and indeed excellence, in time. Let’s begin our journey, shall we? Join me for one of our Upcoming Classes In Salt Lake City Next Week!

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