Saturday, July 17, 2010

3 More Herb and Spice Winners!

Thanks to all who sent in pictures and ideas for herbs this week. It's always hard to pick winners. Each person will receive a bottle of Chef Tess All purpose Seasoning and a bottle of Wise Woman of The East Spice Blend.

First we have Heather She wrote, "I have lemon mint (balm?) growing like nuts. I love to put it in my ice water and tea. Tastes great! I don't generally dry it for hot tea...

I use my chives that I have in my garden too... and buy many others!

Thank you Heather! What a simple idea!

Verena for her fishing trip story...catching a mint bush.
She wrote, "I'm not sure how I'll use this, but I wanted to show you what we found on our last fishing trip. Mint! At our fishing hole! In this picture you can see a piece of the bark that came with the mint that I pulled growing out of the trunk of a tree (which must be at least partially dead). Right now it is drying in a "delicate wash" bag in my pantry. So fun!
She still used it for the fish dinner.

Marnie wins for her basil cheese crisp

Opal Basil Cheddar Crisps
Yield: 40 snacks
8 ounces medium-sharp Cheddar cheese, grated
1/2 cup butter, room temperature
1/2 tsp. Tabasco sauce (I used Chipotle)
1 tsp. prepared mustard
1 cup flour
2 Tbsp. chopped purple opal basil
1 1/2 cups crisp rice cereal

Preheat oven to 350. In a large bowl mix the cheese, butter, Tabasco sauce, and mustard. Blend in the flour and basil. When combined, stir in the cereal and blend well. Shape into small balls. Place on a greased baking sheet and flatten with the bottom of a lightly floured glass. Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes. Serve hot. The crisps may be stored for several days in an airtight container or frozen. Reheat for 5 minutes as needed.

I have 2 bottles of each left, so I'm extending the challenge into this week as well. Are you inspired now?! There you go!

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Mama Peck said...

Thank you so much for choosing these Basil Cheddar Crisps as one of your winners. What an honor! This challenge was a fun one for me- I had a blast searching out a recipe to try and enjoyed it even more when my whole family gave it a thumbs up. (Love it when that happens!) I'm thrilled to get to try your spice mixes- they sound so good! Thanks again for your generosity. :)