Sunday, August 15, 2010

Car Windows...Bread of Life Section

This week my boys started back to school. I've had mixed emotions on the subject, mainly because I have enjoyed having them at home...but I also enjoy having them with amazing teachers. For both boys, their teacher decided to move forward a grade to teach the same class. It's rare to hear of that ever happening...let alone, happening for both children. So, I have double happiness.

Yet, when it all came down to it...I still had to look out the van window to see this scene and turn my head around as tears started to well up in my eyes. I love those kids. There isn't a word comprehensive enough to express that love.

Nor is there words enough to express the feeling that entered my heart when one turned around and did this...

He mouthed the words, "I love you."

In the car called "life", there are people who join us briefly on our journey...and those who we know for years on end. There are those who we remember with fondness. There are those who we rarely remember at all. Sometimes, we share a snack or some music. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes there are passengers who can't get along for more than five minutes and we are glad they get out of our car.
For a couple years, I had to walk the boys to their classrooms. Now they get out on their own. Soon...all too soon, that rear window will also be filled with an airplane or ship taking them far away. They will not always be in my car. The beauty if finding joy in the immediate journey. I relish the kisses blown to me as they walk away. For now, they will be coming home. That is my hope and prayer. Life's car doesn't have any lifetime warranties. Nothing is certain.
Of all the car windows of life the kids look out, I hope the views of God are the ones they remember. I hope that He becomes their whole world and I become just a car that took them there. In that window, I hope to see them walk away with divine leadership gifts, compassion, friendship, and love. I hope to see them walk away holding their shield of Faith in one hand and the sword of the Spirit in the other. Every day on the way to school I ask, "Do you have your helmet on?" They know this means, " Did you say your prayers and put on the helmet of salvation? Are your thoughts with God and his great work? Are you ready for the spiritual battle ahead?" I know that I can't always see them, but I can trust that if I see them walking away with God next to them...then I can drive away whenever I'm asked to leave. In the end, I hope they remember my car as being very nice car...with lots of windows.

Always My Very Best,
Chef Tess


Tara said...

...wiping away tears to say, "thank you, that was so beautiful". I too have two boys who are now both entering school in the fall.

Marylois said...

Kids are great! It gets even better as they grow up. It's wonderful to get hugs from the teenagers when you return after a few days absence. Just wait.

aswesow said...

What? No happy dance?
The airplane does come too soon.

mlebagley said...

Ohhhh! You did it again! I'm sitting here at work fighting back tears! Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts! Love you!