Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby B. O. Random Thoughts

Random thoughts. What is so dang appealing about the smell of a new baby? Is it the milk scent that is slightly tarted or the baby breath? I'm not sure. I know it's not the diapers. Those are a different post (after mustard). This week I got to spend an hour or so with my new baby niece and I have to say she was spitting up a lot. I didn't mind a little baby goober. I don't have the chance to hold new babies very often and I really miss it. After I left her house I found myself sniffing my arm sleeves in the van. It was liked having her there with me. However, I was kind of just nudging my head down toward my shoulder where she had laid. I found myself doing this sniffing motion in the grocery store and realized it looked like I was sniffing my arm pits. Oh gracious heart. I had a vision of wiping my hands in my armholes and sniffing my fingers until I shook like a super-geek. This vision of course, started me randomly giggling in the store. I can't take myself anywhere. Wouldn't it just so happen that a granny raised an eyebrow. Anyone know that look? Tee hee. Yes lady, I'm sniffing my pits at the grocery store. B.O. would then mean "baby odor" instead of "body odor". Anyone can quote me later if I ever get another baby. Baby odor is not the same smell as a rancid-nasty-needs-a-shower-funk that permeates a room. Not the same smell. However, it will still make a person sniff randomly. Depending on the baby, one may never eat mustard again either. I'm just saying...babies are cool. Welcome to the family my sweet little friend. That's all I have to say about that.

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