Monday, September 27, 2010

Solar Cooking Education and Media Coverage

I believe the greatest untapped source of natural energy, is human potential. That is why I teach.

Today I am not going to feature my usual Mix Monday (full of scratch convenience mixes of one sort or another)...due to a very full schedule with an upcoming segment. I will be at a local school teaching the science of solar cooking to a group of anxious second graders later today. It is amazing to me how something that has become second nature to us, can be something so exciting to someone who has never seen solar cooking up close. That's what I like to do, get kids and adults thinking outside their frame of reference. If I can spark some genius in a child, it may just bring about another innovative design for solar cookers that will bless literally thousands of underprivileged poverty stricken people around the world. In fact, those who once had to walk several miles for fire wood and cook over an open flame are now being introduced to a safe clean method of cooking. I've been told that there are over 100 thousand solar cookers in use throughout China and India and reportedly they are used in almost every county in the world. Why not solar? It's really getting to be quite a revolution worldwide. They are using them to not only cook food, but sterilize water and surgical tools. Really remarkable isn't it?

September has been National Preparedness Month. Why not make a little cardboard box solar cooker and keep it around for any random emergency. You never know what is ahead...and it's always nice to be prepare! Want to learn? You can find ideas here: Plans for Solar Cookers
Why not give it a shot?!

That being said, this Friday at 3:30 on NBC 12 Phoenix, I'll be a featured chef on Valley Dish! Hopefully you'll join me for a delicious and easy Fall dish.


Marylois said...

I'm going to check this out. I think I can use it next summer at girls camp for outdoor cooking. Of course I'll give it a try at home before then so I have some experience. Thanks for the link.

Unknown said...

I've used mine a few it! Unfortunately, Pittsburgh in the autumn is NOT a good place for solar cooking.