Sunday, October 10, 2010

Buried In The Earth (Bread of Life Section)

Sunday is the day I share a part of my Soul. Enjoy.

Earlier this evening we went for a family drive. We drove past the old cemetery as the sun was starting to get low in the sky and the light wind was ruffling the large Italian Cyprus that line the well manicured grounds. It was a picture of loveliness in that quite cemetery. We drove our car in to perhaps walk and talk with the boys about life and choices we make. Little did we know that the cemetery was, on this evening, particularly barren. There wasn't a soul in sight and we drove up and down the aisles looking at headstones.
The car got quite as we drove past the only other vehicle that seemed to be there with us. We could see a woman, all alone beside a grave. She seemed to be talking to the person buried in the ground and weeping openly. It was moving beyond words. When we drove past, Ace noticed an inscription on the back window of her car. "In Loving Memory of David..." Along with the dates of his life. We drove a little more and Ace suddenly stopped the car. "Stephanie, you need to go give that woman a hug." No more needed to be said. He pulled up along side the lone car and the lone woman and I got out. I didn't know what to say but I walked over to her. "You don't know me from anybody...but can I give you a hug?" She started weeping and we embraced. Looking down I could see that the soil was very new. She followed my gaze. "It is my Son. It was sudden...his death. He died seven days ago and I knew that the storms had been bad enough to maybe cause some damage to his grave so I came today." I started crying. My heart ached for her. She started crying. We hugged again and she told me she never planned on being here at his grave. She wanted to go first. I felt that God had sent me to this lone woman to let her know that she was not in fact, alone. I told her my thoughts and we hugged a last time.

As we drove away and tears trickled down my normally sunshine happy face, I thought of all the things I've buried in the earth. All the seeds and all the bulbs that I willingly decided to hand over to the Lord. Yet, here, in a cemetery this evening, I learned something more. I saw a mother who had seen her son buried. She didn't willingly hand him over to the Lord...the Lord took him home. How much harder is it to give that kind of seed to God? Something we held onto with love for years that is unexpectedly gone one day may be one of the hardest challenges a mother or father faces. Yet, we all may or may not be called to pass through that trial. All I know is that when such a moment happens, we are not required to have all the answers. We are only asked to strengthen one another. Hold someone when they cry...and help them bury the seed if needed. I for one, am glad I was able be an angel for a minute. Should I ever be taken unexpectedly like that...I would hope someone would do the same for those I left behind. I don't know it all...but I do know that "this too shall pass". We will be together forever someday with the Lord. Life will move on and God will still love all of His children. We are not alone.


Jacquee said...

very beautiful thoughts. I'm fighting the urge to go in and snuggle my sleeping little one. Thank you for helping that woman feel loved and for sharing Heavenly Father's plan with her.

Jeri said...

Oh it is wonderful...

I'm so glad Ace was in tune and that you are such a willing instrument for the Lord.

aswesow said...

You might appreciate this poem. Don't feel you need to publish it, especially since I got it off the back of a church bulletin, but I've not been able to credit the author.

A Heartbeat From Heaven

We are living on the border
Of eternity each day;
We are just as close to Heaven
As the stars so far away.
And the only thing between us,
Whether we are big or small,
Is a tender little heartbeat,
Just a heartbeat,that is all

Just a heartbeat from the glory,
Just a heartbeat, nothing more.
Just a tender little heartbeat,
til we walk the golden shore.
Keep your lamp all trimmed and burning,
Let it shine you'll never fall;
Just a heartbeat from the glory,
Just a heartbeat that is all.

In this land of sin and sorrow,
Whether old or in our prime,
We are only just a heartbeat
From the grave at any time.
No one has a lease on living,
At any moment death may call,
It is only by God's mercy
That we live and breathe at all.

There is a place beyond the river
Where we will lay our burdens down,
Where we will meet our friends and loved ones,
And we will wear a starry crown.
All our troubles will be over
And no tears shall ever fall;
Just a heartbeat from the glory,
Just a heartbeat, that is all.