Friday, October 15, 2010

Join me for my Cupcake Segment Today on Valley Dish

Tired of plain cupcakes? Ready to step them up a notch but not sure you have what it takes to make something amazing?! These cupcakes are made using some pretty simple ingredients, you probably have in your cupboard right now! Believe it? You don't even have to have any pastry chef experience to make them! You will be shocked to know what I use for the petals and leaves. Really shocked. Nothing on these cupcakes came from a special cake supply store or even from a box mix!
These bones are made from things you probably have in your kids snack cupboard.

These elegant Fall cupcakes...will blow your mind! The secret ingredient?...
I'll show you!! Today at 3:30 on NBC 12 Valley Dish, I will be doing a short segment on how to make some amazing Fall and Halloween cupcakes, simply. You don't want to miss it. Those who don't live in the Phoenix valley, I promise to post the link when it comes available. Plus...a photo tutorial wouldn't hurt now would it?!

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aswesow said...

That is pretty neat!