Friday, October 29, 2010

New Fall Decorative Breads!

What do you think of the seasonal gold embellishment on a dark pumpernickel? I had a fun relaxing bread session last night and wanted to share some great ideas for Fall decorative breads. Though I'm only sharing the pictures today. Full tutorials will follow soon. The latest experimentation with pumpkin shaped bread bowls is going well! Look how cool they look! I am ever so pleased with how they have turned out so far.

I went with a dry looking leaf instead of a green one. It just seemed more fitting for the season.
The little guys side by side are about 8 inches across and actually easier to make than they seem.

This is a sweet potato bread with curry and spice. Made more amazing by some artistic Fall foliage. What an awesome center piece this will make! Oh I'm excited!'s all edible so it would also work for just a nice dinner presentation.

What do you think? Who wouldn't want to sit across from this bread at a Fall feast?
It's almost too pretty to eat. Almost.


Mama Peck said...

Love the pumpkin bowl bread!! (and everything else, of course!) I can hardly wait to try some of these now that the weather is starting to cool off. You inspire me! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pumpkin bowls!
Here's the link to the Halloween Bread from Thailand. You have to figure this out so I can make some for Thanksgiving.....

John Miles

Chef Tess said...

John Miles, you are the one responsible for the pumpkin bowl genius! Thanks for the help with the technique. As far as the link however...I don't imagine myself making morbid bread like that...I'm jus saying. Not even a dead turkey. You rock my brother!