Monday, December 20, 2010


To those who entered the Bread or Cinnamon Roll Free Class Giveaway! The contest ended on Thursday and I am finally announcing the winners. It was hard to pick! The experiences you all shared were so choice. Out of town spice winners are Beth W and Meadowlark. In town cooking class winner is Ruth Haas. Those who won spices will need to email me their mailing address so I can get those to you ASAP. Ruth...we'll talk and schedule that class! Hoooray!! There are more chances to win cooking classes today! OneFrom the Grid and Beyond--Chef Tess cooking class giveaway ends today! Pop over to Emily's blog and enter! We're also giving away a cookbook there!! Thanks everyone. Smooooches!!

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Meadowlark said...

WOOT!!! Persistence pays off... keep entering ladies, eventually your number comes up. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!