Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner Blog Hop Week # 2---How to Make Retro-Love-Bubble-Cookie Tins

Grandma B made the best chocolate chip cookies I can remember. She loved the same man her entire life. He loved her back.

I'm pretty sure I could have been born in 1935 and been a happy girl. I love "vintage stuff". I'm a sentimental chick(emphasis on the mental). So, my husband proposing marriage in an antique store 15 years ago, doesn't seem so odd weird now huh? Humor me. I know I'm off my nut a bit. Today's kitchen craft project will not, by any far stretch, seem like anything from 2011. It will in fact be a vintage love bubble. "Lucy...I'm home!"
Love bubbles. Yes. "Love bubble" is a reference to an incandescently happy place somewhere in the early days of my life and forever encapsulated in a sea of glass...right? The term "Love bubble" does not...most definitely, ardently... not...refer to a local house of ill repute. Just so we're clear. This is a family friendly blog. This is my family. In a love bubble...on a cookie my kitchen.
There may also be a love bubble lunch pail. Grandma's Cookies are a full meal. Ask Bill Cosby. Wait...his was chocolate cake.
How did I do it?
Glass with a family picture in it? Grandma's recipe in it?
First, let me tell you how this Scan Your Heart out blog hop works. I, along with 6 other creative designers across the country will create 6 clever projects for 6 weeks using the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner! It's an honor to be part of this adventure I can tell you right now. I've been giddy for a month! The best part is the makers of the Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner will be giving away a scanner a week to a reader! Please register for a chance to win your own Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner by leaving a comment Here. I want everyone to have one of these.

Special thanks to the The Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner team leader Kathy Peterson.
Kathy Peterson is a Design Expert, Best Selling Author, TV corespondent on LIFETIME TV, Product Developer/Licensor and Master Gardener.

I'm honored to be part of this group for dang sure!

This is how it works on stuff. Things that are normally hard to scan or something you just don't have near a computer scanner...can be scanned into the mobile unit.

This includes the ability to do the amazing scan of the "cherished token of a woman's affection". my grandma's chocolate chip cookie recipe card. She was old school. It was not weird to her to type the recipe on a card using a typewriter and ink paper-stuff...put it in a plastic sleeve...and use it. Use it until it was loved to death. That's how it was and nobody ever thought it was odd. I never thought the day would come that instead of seeing her smiling tender face and grasping her old wooden spoons with my tiny little fingers, that I would only have this tattered card left to remind me of those moments. I kept it tucked away in my cedar chest (yes I have a cedar chest for my keepsakes). I'm old school in spirit...see. I kept the card...along with her purple gingham apron hidden in a safe place. Until now...

Hello. Two sided. will be able to be framed and put in the kitchen for my children to enjoy. The tradition of love will continue. I also have a very limited number of pictures with grandma and grandpa. My grandpa was named Elmo. He really didn't like the whole "tickle me Elmo" doll thing. I thought those were clowns. I digress. So, Grandpa Elmo loved one woman and his family with a tender heart...his entire life. Fondest memory of him...when he would take me to the University drama classes as a little girl. I was eight or nine years old. It was rare to have time alone with him. there it was...Just me and him in a root-beer brown 1975 Chevy Nova...with two nickles, masking-taped to my class folder if I needed to call him. He'd walk me to the door, make sure I was safe...and then wait for me in the hall. What an angel of a man. Now you all know where my father the master gardener (aka The Pansy Man) got his sweet disposition. So...I scanned this picture of my grandparents from one of the few I had.

Then I wanted of course to make something super-di-dooooper cuti-pie-tastic to have in the kitchen to remind me of the love I so much cherish. I started with the picture frame that matches my kitchen polk-i-dots. Prited the recipe card on photo paper and framed it. Simple stuff...but I wanted just a glimple of it. Not the full picture. I'm again, a little off. So, there it is. Proof that I like a lot of things "a little off".

I took the pictures I scanned and cut them to size of these glass floral decorative disk things. Is that the technical name for them?

It's a friendship stone. Let's blow on it and make a wish...zoooOOooohhh...Dude. Wipe the slobber off your screen.
To apply the pictured I used a dot of this Weldbond glue. It worked great. I took this picture before I realized I needed about 1/10th that amount. Just a small film of glue on the flat side of the stone.
Then turn the picture onto the glue. Like gum in a cheap theater...but nice to see. It smells better too (not that I'm telling you to sniff glue).

I almost can't breath when I think of this being in my kitchen...I'm so full of joy my eyes are getting misted. Or maybe it's my jeans getting tighter at the thought of the cookies...on my thighs.
Attach the love bubbles to a vintage cookie tin of your choice. Super glue is good. I chose this one because I took it on Fox 10 the first time I was on the show with my kids a year and a half ago...and it is in a way a great tribute to my loving grandpa who took me to the drama classes...and a grandma who cooked with me. It just seemed right. It also seemed right to go ahead and make the cookies.
Like a blessing from above... (pling...pling...harp music...pling...pling...)
They might even make it into the cookie tin...if you hide them there before the kids get home from school. Oh dang. Better yet...have them on the table with a glass of ice cold milk...and a real cloth napkin.
There you go. Vintage love bubble cookie tins!

Now hop over to the other gals in the design team and see what else crafty-cool is being made today on the The Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner. Don't forget to enter the drawing for a free scanner of your own Here.

Kathy Peterson is a Design Expert, Best Selling Author, TV corespondent on LIFETIME TV, Product Developer/Licensor and Master Gardener.

Linda Peterson is a wonderful multi-talented designer of jewelry and mixed media projects!
Chef Stephanie Petersen baker, food display artist, and cooking instructor.
Christy Tomlinsonis a fabulous paper and mixed media artist and more!
Amy Andersonis a delightfully talented decoupage queen, knitter and loves to sew!
Melissa Langer is a fun and energetic pug artist. Her art is all about crocheting and painting pugs!
Pat Sloan is a very talented designer and quilting expert!


Kathy Peterson Inspired said...

Steph---what an awesome idea! Now you can your grandma with you every day in the kitchen! Thanks for joining me on this blog hop!

pat sloan said...

these are soooooooooooo neat!! I never saw a bubble tin before.. but I now NEED one!!

You Rock!! I love this blog hop!

Birdena said...

How incredibly wonderful this project is. Thank you so much for this

Archie and Melissa said...

I have to make some of the bubbles today!
i just love them and always admire them in stores.
thank you so much for insipring me!

curlyqmosaics said...

Super creative ideas! Love how you scanned the pictures, recipes cards, etc! Super cute tins!

kate blue said...

wow-to have the recipe cards is so mom used to have a vintage cookbook like this from the 40's or 50's and unfortunately, it got lost so you are one lucky lady!! I love to cook so ...very cool ideas and the scanner -WOW!!

CrizzyJ said...

love this! I just bought some of these big glass stones with no idea what I'd use them for, but couldn't pass them up. Now I know, thank you!

Carol W. said...

You could glue magnets on the back of the bubbles then you would be able to move them around and put them on other things. Love the idea! Thanks,

Annette A. said...

Love your creativity. I just love how you can scan anything and put it into something special. This is such a great tool. Thanks for sharing your ideas....

Whispers and Wishes said...

adorable idea... and you keep my giggling all the way through...

Unknown said...

Steph! I was so touched and entralled with your whole story and your project! What a beautiful memory and artwork to look at everyday! A great tribute to your family!!! Love it all!!

Heffalump said...

Dalan will be glad to see the other side of the recipe. When you posted the pic on facebook he was all excited and then bummed that you had only put the front of the recipe card up.

The Cabby Crafter said...

what a cool project! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

A truly inspiring post, thank you. EJ

Becky Moore said...

I love what you've done. I too have cherished bits of recipes and crochet instructions in my grandmother's hand that I have stashed away. Now I know how to get them out where I can see them everyday!

BARB T said...

I want to make love bubbles. This is such a great creative idea. love how yours turned out. Now my brain is working on how to display my love bubbles.

Noreen said...

So many wonderful ideas! I have so many artifacts that could be used creatively.. and I'm thinking what great gifts they would make for my siblings! And so easy to do with the Flip-Pal!

kreativeimagination said...

very toching and thoughtful project!!!

Unknown said...

I was wondering how 'the chef' would use 'the scanner' -- you did not disappoint! :)

Kristie said...

I love this! I was so touched by what you did with this project and how you presented it to us. What treasures - your grandparents, your project, and especially your story!

Brandi said...

Love it!

Sean said...

Your love-bubble tins are a gorgeous, inspired project...and Weldbond glue is indeed a wonder adhesive.