Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Sun Oven Cooking Essentials Seminar

I have to share this event because there are so many solar cooking enthusiasts who read my little ol' blog here. Many of you know that I started using the Global Sun Oven several years ago after getting absolutely addicted to cooking with a solar oven I made from a few cardboard boxes. Ace decided it wasn't a phase I was going through, but a passion for using sustainable resources for cooking. He bought me the Global oven as a suprise. After I stopped crying tears of joy...I took it to my patio and cooked with it. Now, years later I can report it is my favorite cooking appliance none.

  Here's the kicker...

  I'm not teaching this upcoming seminar. I've never been more excited to attend something as a student! Why?!  Well, because it's actually being taught by the President of Sun Ovens International! These are the guys who make the Global Sun Oven. 
I'm going to be taking the class in spite of my experience, because I think there's never a time to stop learning...especially when it's something one is passionate about!

Free Sun Oven Cooking Essentials Seminar - Saturday, March 5th at 10:00 AM. 
(At Fitch Park - 1 East 8th Street, Mesa, AZ)

Paul Munsen, the President of Sun Ovens International, will be teaching an instructive course on how to use the Global Sun Oven.  This class is great for Beginners and Advanced sun oven users alike.  Paul has a great teaching style and always provides wonderful pointers and techniques for getting the best out of your Sun Oven.  Come and get inspired to use your sun oven more on an everyday basis.

SUN OVENS International has been innovative in developing methods of placement, training, and marketing to assist in the positioning of over 34,000 family sized GLOBAL SUN OVENS in  the U.S. and more than 100 developing countries, and 250 large VILLAGER SUN OVENin deforested developing countries. --

I'm happy to say that you can get Global Sun Oven at Preparing Wisely for 250.$ 

I'll see you at the seminar my friends! I'm so excited!!


Lunt Family said...

I just attended this same seminar in Thatcher Az and I am so excited to start using my Sun oven. I had to leave early but still can't wait.

Bobbi Jo Nichols said...

Wish I could go to this class. I am working the Good Life Festival today. Have fun and hope you will share what you learn today with us. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Mama Peck said...

I'm with Bobbi Jo- I hope you share your notes! I REALLY wanted to go but we another commitment. I love my Sun Oven too- can't imagine living without it now.

Cheryl said...

My Mom was lucky enough to get one. I would LOVE to have one. I have a rocket stove and have had fun with it, but really want a sun oven.

Maybe some time.