Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recycled Pie Tin Art (Metalworking)

 Spring Break is upon us and in full force. We've been making some memories and some fun projects. So I thought I'd share with all the folks here. First up "metalworking". If I call it metalworking then my boys think it's macho.  You know.  Boys are funny-cool that way.  I can't call it "fairy princess recycles" or somehow I'd find myself alone in the kitchen...with my bling and this...

 Our metal crafting starts with a huge disclaimer...DUDE. Supervision is 100% necessary here. Hot glue gun, scissors and aluminum pie tins being cut up...there are sometimes sharp edges. This is one I did with my kids who are 8 and 11 years old. Something to think about.
 We cut shapes out of the pans. Flowers etc.
 I stacked a few.

To get color, we used permanent colored marker. Okay yah again with supervision...especially if you have walls in your house. Most people do have walls.
Feel free to add any bling-age you want. I used the "peel and stick" variety. Craft section of Wal-mart my friends...2$. I already had them here left over from another project, so they were free to me this time.

Mom helped supervise the application of hot glue, for obvious reasons.

For the mirror, I used an old wallet mirror. 

For textured leaves, I went with the already exsisting patterns in the casserole dishes.
For an added decorative touch, I let my son use a screwdriver...again...supervision. I have a lot of screws loose already.
For the vine I used a twisted piece of foil.  I punched a hole in the top with a paper puncher of  and was able to hang it on a nail.  Finished project looked like this...
After we did our project I was ready for a lot more recycling projects!

Be creative here...and have fun making some memories.
There you go.

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