Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Going to India! The Spices Are IN!

I'm going to theory feed the hungry, educate the children and add local whole foods to the daily rice at the school! How cool is that?!

 Do you remember me talking about the Gingham Project? Do you remember me taking food from India to my son's class and sharing some amazing recipes? Taking a Trip to India in Gingham..? Well, Melanie Johnson is finally back from India with all the spices and we're ready to get the ball rolling! I'm so excited to reach across the miles to these children and share what I know...and you can help too! Here's the news from their Blog:

"Gingham Project has teamed with the talented Chef Tess Bakeresse to bring you a special treat from spice rich south India.  A beautiful, aromatic blend of eight spices perfect for adding a bit of excitement to all your favorite veg and non-veg dishes! This fresh ground spice blend was created by Chef Tess and is our gift to you with each $25 USD donation."

And what will  100% of your donation be used for?
Malnutrition is a serious factor in the lives of many rural children. We plan to add essential nutrients to their daily rice. 

We will do this by adding delicious, locally grown, whole foods to their school provided meal. In order to pay for this recurring expense, we need to rely on donations from you. One time, monthly, big or small…all donations are greatly needed and tax deductible. Make a donation today, the simple way…  click on the donation button and pay with your debit or credit card.( They also accept checks or cash).

Donate to Gingham Project

 Please contact them if you have any questions.

There you go...oh...and if you want my recipes to use the Tandoori spice rub with, they can be found in the post here:

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aswesow said...

I like this project...lots, may God bless it!