Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smokin' Pots...Some Garden Crafty-stuff from cheap old Pots and Junk

I made a trip down to the local Goodwill store and put myself on a 10$ budget for this upcoming gardening craft blow out. Look what it bought me!  It was blue tag day.  Clay and ceramic pots, plant stands, a watering can, a wood sectional fence, some little tiny garden tools, a few metal tins...

and the find of the day, an old cookie jar (top taken off)...Who throws this stuff away?!
I was excited to see some iron gardening stakes/fence sections.
Lookie lookie! They were so totally...50 cents! Fifty.Cents. Yikes. That's almost FREE.
 So, I went about getting some plants to put in the pots and rounding up some mental capacity to put the crafty touches on the pots. Don't laugh. You know I have to round up "mental capacity" sometimes.
 I matched up some good herbs and pot...and wow...I am not saying anything about *pot* being an herb...Do with that what you will. I never touch the herbaceous variety.
 I started with some bold lime green on a few of the clay pots. Ya know, because lime green is cool. Summer is cool. I'm cool. It's all about being matchie-matchie.
I got really technical on getting the mossy texture on the pot by just sticking moss on the wet paint. Yes, I know. It's mind boggling how smart  annoying I am.
I use outdoor enamel craft paint if the pots will be out doors.
I really love how this cheap tin got renewed with a quick coat of paint. It was so plain without it!
Sometimes it amazes me how easy it can be to change the look of a plain white pot. This is just ribbon and a silk flower sealed on to it with the same E-6000 bond that I used for  

Outdoor Vintage Plant Markers 

with the picture of my dad in it as the seed packet. It's weather proof bonding so it won't fall off.
Doesn't it look like this pot could totally walk down Hollywood Blvd.   in 1942...if we could only find a big Sassy-SAGE hat...Oh wait...
 I used the same sealant for this marker that tells my kids , "Hey these peppers are HOT". I was tired of them asking if they were berries. I'm nice. I could have just let them taste the berries. See...and you thought I was...well, actually, I have no idea what you think I am.
 Ribbon bonded to the top of the lime green pot and some black paint accents totally changed the look of this clay pot.
 Also using the ribbon on the fence section for a cutsie craft quote in the garden seemed right. I think Cassie, the producer of Valley Dish will like this the most.  I love her Gardening Blog. It makes me smile.

What do you think of the cookie Jar now?! It's Italian!'s the plant holder that was kind of plain before...snazzed up. I think I like it better this way, but ya know, I like color. You may prefer a more subtle look in your garden. I'm okay with that. It's your space.

 Some ribbon weaving in the fence sections is simple but super-deeee-duper oootsie-cutsie. It may be too puke cute for a man. I think that Ace will never come in the garden if I put up these stakes.  {insert evil grin}.
There you go. Today's crafty-craft adventure. I'm heading down to the NBC studio to actually film a segment...but will not be posting it until July. In the meantime...I hope this has inspired you to go down and make some smokin' pot...decorations...ya know which kind I mean. Right?

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