Friday, July 22, 2011

Best Friends, Finds and Food! Wow what a week!

BFFF for those who don't know, is my news of Friday. It's my day to shout out to my best Friends, Finds and Food! I encourage you to share with me what you're doing and creating! I want to share it here on the blog! Remember to pop over to my latest Giveaway!

Let's Start BFFF!
Today I'm especially remembering my Friends across the globe in India! Gingham guys are changing lives and I salute you everyday!  Exciting news!  this week is that I was able to partner with the most amazing gal to head up my spice sales online that will benefit the Gingham project. More details to come on that here . 

One of the biggest highlights of my week okay..YEAR...was being asked by Chris Petrie over a month ago if I would come teach is wife Andrea Robinson (Petrie) at a private cooking class in their home as a surprise for her birthday! It may have killed me not saying a word...but I'm telling you she was so excited Friday when I pulled up to her house.  The other perk was seeing and hearing all the new squeals when a new dear old friend would arrive that she wasn't expecting! Spice class was outstanding...but truly the best part for me, was seeing my sweet friend Andrea have a remarkable day.
  Andrea Robinson is one of the morning anchors on Fox 10...and may I just say, having known her for almost 3 years...that she is every bit as real and sweet in person as she is on TV. Alexis Vance was also there...another kindred spirit and dear friend who happens to be on Fox 10. She's a doll! Love you Alexis!
 The food was crazy amazing! However, my favorite part was making the cupcakes! Since it was an herb and spice class the final course included these spiced chocolate cupcakes with rose petal white chocolate fondant and painted pearl embellishments. Truly vintage and just cool!  Look at this album on Facebook for more pictures of this event: Surprise Party for Andrea Robinson
Amazing friend and find of the week:
 Laura Sokol Photography ! Laura does outstanding work and is totally great to work with.  She's also way pregnant!  Laura came to my home and took a lot of amazing pictures. These are three of my favorites... this may be my favorite of all time...
After pictures, we sat down to warm bread and honey at my kitchen table. Talked. Laughed. I LOVE you Laura! It was a great time had by all! Awesome gal! Great professional work.

So, this next find and Friend are not food...but Creative non-the-less. It's the blog of my creative genius brother John who has written two amazing Books! Composite Materials: Fabrication Handbook #1 (Composite Garage Series) and 
Composite Materials: Fabrication Handbook #2 (Composite Garage Series). Both amazing! I was looking at John's Blog and Wow if he didn't have the coolest tutorial on how to make one of these i phone stands...
John is now the master-genius. I called him this week and he is totally on board with helping me develop a dough mixer design that will be able to be adapted and used in third world countries and in emergency situations around the globe. John. You are the beloved.  What do you think? I  think he needs a t-shirt made." Johnnie 5...Master Genius. Yo!". 

Food! Okay. Foodie food from my friends on Facebook

Ann Gregorio-Thomsen told me 
"I'm making tortellini with grilled chicken, tomatoes and fresh spinach"
I had to share. Look how pretty it is!

Another friend I've known since High School and who's culinary talents have made me drool often...
Kathrine Hansen shared this recipe with me and sent me to this awesome Mongolian Beef recipe here at Favorite Family Recipes . Freak YES! This was awesome!

So...that's been my week! Wow what a whirlwind of Friends, Finds and Food! What are you creating? Feel free to keep me in the loop! I love sharing your success with food and I love visiting your favorite "Finds". Send me a note anytime! or Facebook everyday! Xoxo! Smooches!

Your Friend,
Chef Tess.

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Kate said...

Thanks for including me on your blog. Your zest for food and life are seriously contagious.