Friday, July 15, 2011

BFFF Oh How I Love Thee!

Every Friday on the blog I share some of my BFFF.  
Best Friends, Finds, and Food! 

 So I'm telling you right now...anyone can come visit here and I'm happy to share your victories! I'm actually EXCITED to share your success on my blog...because that's how we all win! So...without further chatty-chat...

  Meet my  new best friend ever!!
Did you know that the Gingham  is now helping some pretty amazing little friends? I'm totally in major *heart* with this one...

Anyone who has had a kindergarten age child knows how fun this age is... Ananthy is 5 years old and going to school this year. Both her parents have died, and she is now living full time in the orphanage. If you would like to know how you can help her, contact us at the Gingham Project.  
 I  have teamed with them   to bring you a special treat from spice rich south India.  A beautiful, aromatic blend of eight spices perfect for adding a bit of excitement to all your favorite veg and non-veg dishes! This fresh ground spice blend was created by me.   and it is their gift to you with each $25 USD donation.
Malnutrition is a serious factor in the lives of many rural children. We plan to add essential nutrients to their daily rice. We will do this by adding delicious, locally grown, whole foods to their school provided meal. In order to pay for this recurring expense, we need to rely on donations from you. One time, monthly, big or small…all donations are greatly needed and tax deductible. Make a donation today, the simple way…  click on the donation button on their page .

 Let's kick it off the our shoes...and I mean no pun when I say it...but this is about shoes! My darling friend Kristy Call who writes The Diary of Dave's Wife and who went with me to do some amazing crafty-crafts on Valley Dish...
 And does all the amazing stuff that's 

has finally opened   Her Shop!

  I adore her shoe clips...but maybe I'm just girlie-girl?! Naw...I'm practical and they change the look of your old shoes immediately! Perfectly priced too.  I *heart* you Kristy!! I'm getting should Get Yours!

Next up...My dear friend Heather Lamps! Xoxo. Oooh she's awesome! We've been friends for close to 7 years...and I'm so glad.  Okay...this is a vintage shot of Chef Tess (on the right) but I'm showing the superwoman shirt she's wearing...because you know, she's a mom. She needs a shirt that says, "I'm a mom...what's *your* superpower?!" Really a kindred spirit.

Today I visited Heather just for kicks-n-giggles-n...aprons. She's gifted.  I'm excited to have her on board with my new vintage apron adventures. That being said, I'm actually sharing her amazing crochet talents. Not many gals my age can whip out the vintage crochet with stealth and Super-mom speed! She taught me to crochet a while ago, but I'm eons away from her speed!   Look at this though...

If you don't want bear ears (I don't know why you wouldn't) she also has a lot of other really cute crochet stuff like! Isn't it yummy?!

Today I'm having her design some bold red and black polki-dot

Don't you just love-love-A-love them?! She makes these! The price is dang low for what they are don't be a stranger.  Go visit Heather's shop. She's amazing!!  I don't have a baby but you can get them for babies who are on their way and who are just needing exta love from Heather...Here!

 Best Find of the week!!

Now here's something cool. I have epic amounts of organic popcorn and I have been soooo not liking having to add oil to pop it. So...imagine my joy at finding this little doo-hickey this week for right around ten bucks. It's an investment in not having to buy those dang bags of micro popcorn! Eeek!! So excited...see it?  :

It's a special kind of bowl with a vented top that make micro popcorn fat free and happy! I do love a good popcorn! My gosh I can't even eat it without my All Purpose seasoning. Soon to be available in stores! Yup...right next to the fat free microwave popcorn bowls at Honeyville farms stores in Arizona, Utah, and California! Oooo. Ahhh. Be excited! 

Now on to my Fabulous Facebook friends! 
I love-a-love you!!

Remember Dave Bernstein from Valley Dish?! Dave is On Facebook and so fun to chat with when it comes to food!

He made this amazing looking dish...I'm in love with it! Mmm. had me at Fontina!
Fontina Sage Prosciutto Roulade - 7/12/2011  Dave is also a big fan of Sage. xoxo. I know's really good. 

Well. That's it for this week everyone! I hope your Friday was as beautiful as mine. I adore sharing the love with my friends.  

I'll see you next Friday then. If you have a victory to share, a food you've made or a wonderful place to visit...feel free to contact me. 

Your friend, 
Chef Tess. 
or you can find me  and share the love on my Fabulous page via Facebook! 

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Shannon said...

I told you so. Your AP seasoning positively rocks popcorn. Now to find a micro popper in my neck of the woods.