Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Utah Fam's Sunday Dinner: Pulled Pork Tacos

One of the blessed parts of going to visit my family in Utah is that they are all foodie-folk.  My sister Auntie Em has an amazing garden and while I was visiting her and giggling all night over girlie girl things...we raided her garden.  Now there's a visual huh? 

 Her cherry tomatoes were organic heaven!
 From her garden she chopped 4 cups of fresh tomatoes, 1 cup onion, one jalepeno and  3 cloves fresh pressed garlic.

Add to that the juice of 2 limes and some salt and pepper to taste. It was simple and perfect. Like Em. 
 We headed out to the family dinner Sunday evening. When we got to my parent's house the smell of slow cooked pork and a mixed fruit pie had mingled in the air like love. I could almost taste it!

 Now my mom slow cooked a 2 pound roast in a crock pot with  a can of Dr. Pepper (yes...that is the secret ingredient),  2 whole chopped onions, 3 cloves of garlic and 1T of ancho chile powder.  After 4 hours it looked like this:

We added 3 T of my fajita seasoning to the shredded meat...

My brother in law Chris Grilled some fresh corn tortillas straight on the stove. I think you need tongs for this to the way...YUM. It made the tortillas so nice and toasty!

 Topped them with a pile of shredded pork, Auntie Em's salsa and one of my favorite Mexican cheeses...Cotija...Love...
There it is! The pulled pork tacos of love. Now you know the secrets.  
Happy Sunday ...or Um, Tuesday...any day fast dinner if you remember to plant tomatoes and start your crock pot. can buy tomatoes from your local tomato farmers too...I'm sure they'd be okay with that.


Anonymous said...

Ha! We had pulled pork tacos yesterday too!! . . . only not so much enjoyed here since our improvising skills came up a little short. ;) But at least it wasn't ramen or stir fry!!!

Chef Tess said...

Oh Verena!How is China?! We miss you!