Thursday, September 1, 2011

Walking for Auntie Em!

 Who do you know with Diabetes? I've seen it personal and up close with my dear sweet sister Em...and yesterday she sent me an email that made me break down in tears. It wasn't anything she said, but it finally made me realize that of all the people on earth who have to deal with just didn't seem fair that it was her. She was excited to get a CGM (constant glucose monitor) that would help with the blood sugar issues. She eats very healthy meals. She exercises everyday. She watches everything she eats and still struggles with her blood sugar. It made me think. It made me mad. It made me want to punch something actually. So...rather than just do nothing, I decided it was time to really put my money where my heart was. I decided I needed to join a walk for diabetes. It isn't even per say about the money I'm hoping to raise to help find a's about my sister. It's about people like her every day who wake up and don't let the challenge get in the way of living a pretty normal life. Emily rarely complains...if ever. In fact, at times I forget she even has diabetes until I visit my family and see her. The first time I saw her insulin pump was on my last trip to Utah. It was magnificent! Oh the freedom she was finally able to have from extra needle pokes. isn't a cure. It isn't enough to just hope that someday it will be enough either.

So, I'm doing it. October 1st I'm taking the walk for Em {Type 1}...and Cussing Granny {Type 2}...and for my grandpa who died from complications of Diabetes...and for April Lopez's mom in the hospital right now...and every other person I know who battles this every day. Come on now...who's with me?! Can you donate 5$...50$?
I told Em once that I had never had a nice pair of red shoes and would love to own some. She laughed at how we had always struggled with money. Never ask for money. Never ask for extra. I'd feel guilty. Then I realized this isn't 'extra...Living free isn't "Extra"!

• The American Diabetes Association is the only non-profit organization
supporting all 23.6 million Americans living with diabetes – including type 1
and type 2 diabetes; children and adults.
• In 2007, more than $170 million or 75 percent of our total expenses was
invested in our program activities – research, information and advocacy.
• Diabetes is a disease that has deadly serious consequences, and there
is no cure.
• 1 in 3 children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime if
current trends continue. The ratio is even greater for minority children with
1 in 2 developing diabetes in their lifetime.
• In 2007, the total estimated cost of diabetes in the united States
was $174 billion.
• Since its inception, the Association has invested more than $450 million
and provided funding for more than 4,000 research projects.
• The Association continues to be the largest provider of Diabetes Camps
as well as weekend retreats.

This is why I walk. For Emily. Will you donate to this walk? Share it on Facebook and Twitter? Help get the word out? I'd appreciate it. Together we can make a difference! Or...Donate Here

Your friend,
Chef Tess

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Tuihalalalala said...

I didn't know Emily struggled with this disease....I can see that about her that she doesn't complain but probably lives life to the fullest despite. She has never been the typical diabetes carrier....I know most of the diabetes carriers in my family are not eating healthy and have not changed their habits, I worry about them all the time!!