Friday, October 28, 2011

Fox 10 Fall Popcorn Ball Sculptures and Topiary Segment Video!! Hooray for Kitchen Crafts!

Can I just say how much I love Fox 10?! Every time I walk in the studio I'm reminded, by the warm hugs and smiles, how blessed I really am to be working with this remarkable station. Thank you my Fox friends. It really does feel like I'm part of the family.  Extra special thanks to Andrea Robinson and Rick D'Amico for the friendship. You are amazing people! 

The popcorn ball segment aired yesterday. I had to post pictures from the studio and the actual segment video for everyone to see...since a lot of you don't live here in Phoenix! I'm virtually smooching you right now (there's less slobber that way). At any rate, popcorn balls aren't just for the bake's some of the things I do with them:
These can be used for Fall or the holiday season for things like:
  •  dinner table centerpieces for company parties and family gatherings and church gatherings. 
  •   Wedding receptions! Perfect for a December wedding reception centerpiece especially if you embellish with mesh fabrics and silk flowers!
  •  giveaway bouquets for loved ones or customers and clients.
  •  new moms (pink popcorn ball boquet for a baby shower too!)
  •  holiday treats
  • Christmas tree ornaments (tied with a bow or ribbon and make a loop out of ribbon to hang from the tree).
  • bake sales (who doesn't have those coming up?)
  • Fairy princess wands (popcorn ball on a stick with long ribbon tied at the base of the popcorn ball and some floral or sticky rhinestones if desired). PARTY favors!
  • Sculpting  medium for other projects. Popcorn ball "matter" can be used to sculpt a wreath using a well oiled or silicone bundt pan. Firmly packed you can also make Popcorn ball cakes that slice and are a crazy-fun novelty! Talk about a show stopper at the dessert table! Who doesn't like popcorn balls?
  • Popcorn ball kit giftbasket (mason jar of gelatin, mason jar of sugar, honey bears and a small coconut oil for getting hands nice and non-stick!) 
Here's what I did with them!

 Oh...and of course I added a little of my spice! You can mix up the flavors

Flavor ideas:
  • Add the Mix-a-Meal powdered flavoring (1T--except almond, use 1 1 1/2 tsp) to the popcorn goo mixture and you can add fun names to the popcorn balls: orange amaretto, lime-coconut, raspberry-chocolate!  
  • Oh...and the cherry gelatin...with some vanilla & chocolate powdered flavor...cherry cordial on a stick!
  • Add 1/4 cup of the powdered peanut butter to the raspberry or strawberry and you have pb&j on a stick!
  • Add freeze dried fruit! blackberries to the balls with the popcorn (about 2/3 cup)...Raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, bananas as a way to add color, nutrition and flavor!

  • 1/2 cup Honeyville popcorn (Popped it will equal 9 cups)
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup honey
  • ½ cup Honeyville Fruit Gelatin (any flavor) 0r Jello (1 3 oz box, any flavor)
  • ½ tsp real salt
  • 3 qt. cooking pot
  • Large bowl
Gather all ingredients and supplies together. Pop the unpopped kernels. Over high heat, pour enough oil into the saucepot to cover the bottom of the pan and be about 1/4 inches deep. Place three kernels into the pan and then cover. Once the three kernels have popped, add the remaining kernels. Listen closely to the pan. Once you hear the popping slow substantially, the popcorn is done. Remove from the burner and pour the popped corn into your bowl.
Season the popcorn with real salt.
Combine granulated sugar, honey and gelatin in a heavy saucepan. Stir slightly and bring to a full rolling boil over medium high heat.
Remove gelatine mixture from stove top and pour over popped corn. Blend well, until all of the popcorn is coated. Allow to cool a few minutes before shaping into popcorn balls.
Shape popcorn into balls using lightly oiled hands, or leave as fruity popcorn as is.
To make a topiary, pierce with a bamboo skewer and tie a ribbon at the base of the ball. You may insert them into other popcorn balls or brownie-cupcakes for a stand-alone topiary -- or just enjoy a popcorn ball on a stick!

There you go folks! Have some fun for Halloween, Fall and yes...Christmas! These are my favorite!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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