Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Monster Eyeball Cupcakes

When I made these cupcakes I heard my son singing the Purple People Eater Song...but about cupcakes. Dance with me now!  {Insert mental-vision of Chef Tess doing the cabbage patch...with a purple tutu and an egg beater...}
"One eyed one horned...flying purple eyeball eyed one horned...blah blah blah blah Eat that cupcake..."

We did some monster eyeball cupcakes for Halloween...and believe it or not, the eyeballs are just marshmallows we rolled into a ball.  I used food coloring and painted on the blood-shot effect then wrapped the eyeball with some homemade modeling chocolate ...just for fun so it would look like an eyelid.

I like to use grape kool-aid to flavor my buttercream...because I'm cool like that. Use a straight tip or grass tip on your pastry bag and just layer the hair-like frosting like this. 

Now that we are full of sugar and grape kool-aid frosting...I think we're ready to trick-or-treat! Ya know...because there's more sugar to be had by all! 
There you go. A really cool idea for monster cupcakes!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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