Sunday, October 16, 2011

Perfect Practice in Trust

Sunday is the day I share a little of my soul. Enjoy

"Well, it's been an amazingly interesting week." That, of course, is the short answer I give when people ask how I'm doing. I'm quiet about a lot of things and I think that more often than not, I could probably be a little more open. I could share every challenge, stress, concern and frustration I face regularly... On the other hand...there are five fingers. Sometimes it's hard to find a balance of what I should share and what to just shut my pie hole about. However, today I wouldn't be amiss in saying that I've struggled with some new stress in my life. How's that for being ambiguous? I've found that more often than not when the battle seems to's because I've been going to battle alone.  That's been the stress this week. I fell down a few times on my food. I ate junk that I knew I shouldn't and used the excuse, "I'm so stressed out!"...When in all reality I think I was being prideful.  I was wanting to deal with "things" all by myself instead of really inviting a mega-warrior to do the battle for me. The long and short of it...I forgot to practice complete trust in God's will.

A perfect practice of trusting God's will, always ends with a level of peace I've never been able to find in a plate of doughnuts...ever. So why would I ever turn back to a pastry for "fake" peace and fleeting comfort? Um...the short answer..."I'm not perfect." I'm also not above being able to have a weakness. Having weakness isn't a sin. Pride and not being willing to let go of my weakness...well that's another story.  Faith is letting go of fear. Fear that God can't heal us. Fear that we can't really find the peace or comfort we need in all our challenges. 

We inevitably must arrive at a moment in our lives when we are willing to practice Christ's complete trust in God's will, in order for us to experience his complete Peace. That peace that passes all human understanding is what I ought to seek out daily.  I must be willing to trust that Christ, my warrior, can help me see through the mist of what seems to me to be a triumph  of the adversary in my life and the lives of others, to the magnificent and inevitably glorious victory of Good and God. So...this week, starting afresh, I will be praying for that perspective that will give me power to let go. Starting afresh is a beautiful thing. Isn't that what the gospel of about? New powerful beginning?  

There it is.
Have a wonderful new week.
Your Friend,
Chef Tess


Anonymous said...

Great introspective and reflection article Stephanie! Breathe -

Wellness Essentials said...

Awesome post! I think as women, wives, and moms, we sometimes think we have to do it all by ourselves. We definitely need a little reminder every once in a while that we most definitely DO NOT need to do it alone. Thanks for that reminder.

mlebagley said...

And sometimes the feel of that crunchy sweet creamy thing going over the tongue and down the throat feels so fabulous! And sometimes the thought of it is better than the reality of it. For me food is like self medicating. Sometimes my 'dosage' is way off. And sometimes I don't care...until the double chin staring back at me tells me I need to find a healthier 'medication'. Love you, even when its not all perfection and bliss! Really :)