Monday, November 21, 2011

Amazing Fall Dinner Menu from Lucky Leaf

 About a month ago my friends at Lucky Leaf sent me a sweet package of goodies and some invitations to do a Fall dinner party using their products. I was excited to take part and use what I already knew to be a great fruit filling from a dependable company. I love it when they send me recipes! This time it was for a pork dish called Sweet and Hot Slow Cooker Pork and a dessert called  Cherry Chocotinis. However...the month got away from me and the kids got strep throat. Then Ace got it. Then I got it. Then...I decided I didn't have to wait for a whole bunch of friends and family to come visit in order to serve something special. I think that's the whole point of this post. I think that's what Lucky Leaf was trying to get at anyway, that their filling was good enough to serve to company.   I think that all too often we put things off. We're waiting for that "something special" when in fact, every day we get to wake up and breathe is a special day. I can't say it enough...because this dinner was just that. It was a celebration of the fact that we got to be a family one more day.  It did help however that the pork was tender and amazing slow cooked with the apples and sweet potatoes in a perfect balance of sweet and hot.
 It also helped that it was a freakin' easy recipe that I could make on the run.
 Oh...and the apple filling was amazing.
 Lucky Leaf never fails to have apples in full giant slices packed to the top of the can. Mostly fruit. Now that's how I love it.

Click to get the  Printable Version but I think you'll be happy with this one. Did I mention how easy it was?
 Sweet potatoes kissed with apple and chipotle...yeah, it was amazing.
 My son helped make the dessert and thankfully it was easy enough that even I, a pastry chef, could let my 8 year old make it. He had a blast whipping up the pudding and making the cups. It was a really beautiful presentation...even for a kiddo. Cherry Chocotinis.  Basically this is a very simple dessert. It's a layer of rich homemade or store purchases pound cake , chocolate pudding, Lucky Leaf Premium cherry filling and some glorious gobs of whip cream sprinkled with dark chocolate chips. I used 1 cup of vanilla yogurt in place of one of the cups of milk and a dash of my Chef TessWise Woman of the East Spice and Floral Blend to the pudding as well. It was a hit! We even lined them all up on the outside dessert table for our own little family dinner party.
 Now that's a special occasion.

At any rate, I just had to share the amazing Fall dinner and the sweet family memories that came with it. Thanks Lucky Leaf for the great recipes and wonderful Fall ideas! I appreciate it very much. You know what I appreciate most of all?...I get to live and breathe one more day with the people I hold most dear. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week my dear friends.

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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