Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Can't Remember All The Things I Forgot...

 Sunday is the day I share a little of my soul. Enjoy.

I knew I was going to be late. I was rushing to get ready for church. I knew I was going to miss something. It's easy to get caught in that mode, especially in a busy life and with things happening so quickly. I did, for the first time in months, sleep through my alarm clock.  I was actually an hour late to the service. Thankfully we have three hours of church so that wasn't a deal breaker on missing the whole ding-a-dang service. By the time I rushed in the door I felt overwhelmed...certainly not in the right spirit to worship.  However, I did get there in time to hear one of my favorite Sunday school teachers say, "I can't remember all the things I forgot." Somehow, that phrase completely kicked me in the pants. The impact I felt was totally out of the context of his lesson-plan. The teacher didn't even "go in the direction" my heart took the phrase... yet what my heart needed, God gave.  It was like a funnel from heaven right into my soul.  It reminded me so much  to focus on  the things I really needed to do and not to focus on the things that were small... because in all honesty... I'd probably forget them anyway. How odd that one little phrase could do that. 

Now, as I sit here typing, I don't want to ever feel like I missed something really important. I think that is what I learned most today. I can't go so fast that I forget what is really the most beautiful.  What is the most beautiful? To me, it's this week's miracle moment. My son Face walked into my bedroom with a new star for the tree he had made from paper, scissors and tape. Though we already had an incredibly beautiful angel on top of the tree, I decided this was a much more impressive deal. Behold a new star at our house. Yes. It's two feet in diameter...and it's magnificent. 
I found out that his school teacher had been teaching them how to make 3-D snow flakes from smaller papers. He came up with this star idea all on his own. Yes. I think he's going to be one of the world's most brilliant artists when he grows up.   Ace saves every piece of paper and art project the kids do at home and school. I asked Ace what we'd be doing with the star. He said, "We're gonna need a really big box." I'm not going to lie. Between the star and this tag...I've been in heaven.
I don't even want to think about the rushing moments of the week that swirled around the days and minutes.   I hope the time does come that all the small details have faded away and all I can remember are the things I did't forget. How deep is that? In the morning, when I wake up and finally see the face of God instead of the dream that was this life on earth...I hope that the sweet memories will be all that remain. As it is... Life is short. God is good. Love is a miracle. Please Lord, help me to forget the rest.

There it is.
Always My Very Best,
Chef Tess

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