Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crystal Glazed Roses...Out Of Gumdrops!

 When I was growing up, it was a real treat to visit Auntie Dorthea and get to make gumdrop roses with her. She used them on wedding cakes and I remember getting them on my birthday cake when I turned twelve. Wow...that was a long time ago!   Today I wanted to share to how make roses using simple gumdrops! It's easier than easy and they taste yummy! They can be made well in advance and dry hard (if your air isn't too high in moisture). Are you ready to turn these...
Into this...?
 First, take a gumdrop and give it a good squeeze. You want to start with a slightly flat gumdrop. 
 Cover your work surface with plenty of sugar. Roll the gumdrop in sugar. Try not to think about that scene on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Ya know, where the bad guy he gets squished really thin by a steam roller and then comes back to life because he's really a cartoon. Okay. You just thought about it didn't you?  
 Holy smokes! He's a cartoon! Wait. I mean a gumdrop. Okay. It should be about as long as the length of your finger. 
Cut it in half to make sure the toon is dead to ease the petal process. 
 Roll in a tight curl. 

 Roll the second half of the gumdrop around the center. Pinch the base tightly and continue with more petals if desired. One drop usually makes on bud. 
 To make leaves I use the green guys...and just cut them into leaves. You can use a leaf cutter too if you want. 
 Place on top of your favorite cupcake or cake. This one is a lemon pound cupcake with berry fondant and pearls. 
There you go! Make some gumdrop roses! 

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


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Wonderful Miss Stephanie!!!!! They look WONDERFUL!!!!