Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Spices Are Ready!

So...I have to share this epic moment with my darlings here on the blog. Most of you have followed me for a while and know how many sleepless nights and long hours I spent millings spices in my kitchen 'til the wee hours of the morning to help pay the bills. Eight years have gone by since I first started milling my fresh homemade spice blends.  Now, enough people have loved them, shared them and made them part of their life that they are in real bottles...with real labels. As sweet as it was to hand write all the labels for a few years it's supremely cool to see them come off a beautiful roller full of labels already printed. The company who is bottling them is called Wayzata Bay Spice Company. They're well known for their remarkable quality and are known in culinary circles for their freshness. They bottle on demand so it's been remarkable working with them and Honeyville Farms. Yes, I am now a Honeyville Farms product. They're well known for quality and are one of the most remarkable grain companies out there. It's a tremendous honor. 

Do you want to see them?! 

I just had to share! I'm so happy with how they've turned out!

Thanks Honeyville for having these in your retail stores!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Unknown said...

Yay!!! You must be SO excited Miss Stephanie!!! Too bad we aren't there to celebrate :(

Anonymous said...

What about those on the East Coast how do we get your spice mixes? Do you mail order them yet? It's just to far to drive with the price of gas these days...

Chef Tess said...

Yes. They are available through