Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guest Post. Meals in a Jar. The Breakfast Ham and Zucchini Quiche Casserole

I was in Utah this last week, and one of the classes I adored teaching was how to make shelf stable meals in a jar that are good 5-7 years. This is, in fact, something I have done for my family for years. It's just a super practical way to have a "grab-n-go" meal for any occasion. Unlike other jar meals I've seen, the ones I plan are "just add water" and include the meat, veggies, sauce and all...ONE jar. One place. Grab-n-go!   These quart size jars make a meal for our family of 6 (4 adults, 2 children) and average about 9 cups of prepared food coming from the small amount of space in a quart jar. They can be made in mylar bags, but I personally prefer the jars. They're air tight, rodent proof and clear, so I can tell if the food is still gorgeous. Yes, I do slip into my Hollywood fashion designer alter-ego and say, "Fabulous Darling! Fabulous!"  Yes. I realize I'm odd. Shhh. I'm happy in my delusion. It keeps me young. What was I talking about? Oh yeah...

Today on the Cookin' Cousins Honeyville Farm's blog, I'm the guest post. 
Totally flattered!

 I'm sharing an adaptation to an old family recipe that I think is a keeper! I made it for my kids and the 12 year old had 3 plates of it. Next time I'm making half gallon jars. I'm getting into teen years with these little whipper-snappers. Yikes. Needless to say, the meals will feed a normal family of 5...or one teenage boy. I also plan a loaf of bread a day per person (for rolls, breadsticks, or sides like that) in my food storage. I have a whole series of jars based on those too...but that will be a later post.   This is an adaptation on my mom's Zucchini Casserole. I grew up with this fresh from the garden and I wanted to capture the flavors in a jar meal for storage.  Thankfully Honeyville has the most beautiful freeze dried zucchini slices!  I have to stop myself from eating them like potato chips right from the can. You know what else I love? Honeyville doesn't add any junk to the freeze dried fruits and veggies. It's just the veggie. Just the fruit. Nothing added but happiness. 

When the Breakfast Ham and Zucchini Quiche Casserole is in a jar, it looks like this...
 Prepared, it looks like this...
Do you want the recipe? Go see the  Cookin' Cousins! Xoxo!  

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Colleen (One of the ladies from Payson :) said...

Loved your class last night, Thanks for sharin'!! Looking forward to using those spices and filling some jars with something yummy :)

Chef Tess said...

Colleen, you are so sweet to travel so far to see me! I was telling my husband about you and your friend (and one other gal who came from TX!) and how I just felt so honored that you would take so much time out of your life to visit me. He said,"good people find each other." It made me so happy! Thank you for making the trek! Xoxo! Have fun with your meals!

Colleen said...

:) I just shared your comment with the rest of my family who's here to celebrate the holiday with us. the whole room said "awwwwe, what a sweet lady!" :) Looking forward to your next class that we can attend!
Have a blessing filled day!

jdm6of18 said...

Just made your Mom's Ham and Zucchini Quiche Casserole from cookbook (mini version for 1 for breakfast). So good!

My mom made a similar version (I grew up in family of 18 kids in the 50s & 60s; mom was KS farm daughter from family of 13. She knew how to pinch pennies.) from powdered eggs, dried cheese & vegetable #10 cans, she bought from army surplus store. All of us kids loved her quiche and I've made them from fresh for past 40 years.

I couldn't tell any difference from fresh in your recipe. Excellent! Janice