Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Every Day (Bread of Life Section)

Sunday is the day I usually share a little bit of my soul. Enjoy.

In all honesty, I woke up this morning wondering what I could possibly say that could express how I feel about Easter. For all that it is and means in my life I have finally been stumped for words to exemplify how I feel. I think one of the greatest examples of how I feel is expressed in this painting...

I am in awe. Of all the things to celebrate, of all the experiences to rejoice in, the one that leaves me most filled with joy is the One that cannot be put into words. It was a Personal Easter the day I found that confirmation and  peace in knowing that he came for the world...but that it was personal. It was for me. It wasn't an Easter on the calender.  It was a regular day to the rest of the world. But to me, it was Easter. 

I prayed in the most horrible agony of spirit feeling empty and cold. I won't ever forget how it felt when the stone over my heart was rolled away and I felt the warmth and love of God fill my once dead heart.  It was Easter.  I was suddenly more alive than I'd ever been. Shouldn't it be a goal, to pray that fervently and seek that same peace every single day of my life? Once I've had a real Easter, where I've felt to sing that song of Redeeming Love from the top of my roof, shouldn't it be something I try to have every single day? 

That, my friends, is my point. Easter, just like church, isn't just a single day of the week or a spot on the calender to visit and then close the door and continue on with "regular life". Easter should fill the life of a believer, the way the smell of fresh baked bread lingers in every room of a home. It should fill my ears the way the laughter of my children fills my heart. It should be the warm and comforting feeling I carry with me everywhere I go. It should be the prayer hanging on my lips when I fall asleep and the thought in my mind when I see strangers on the street. He came for me! He came for all of us! He LIVES!  In my earnest striving as a Christian, the daily goal should be to have as much depth in my prayers as I did my first Easter...every single day. Happy Easter!

There it is. 
Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


aswesow said...

He is risen!

Cher' Shots said...

Once a person has that kind of personal relationship with Christ our Savior, it's Easter everyday and Christmas everyday as well. LOVE this post. HAPPY EASTER to you and yours.
'hugs from afar'

Chef Tess said...

Thank you! I think so too. Hugs back.

Kurt said...

beautifully said! Thank you for always being in tune and sharing.