Wednesday, May 2, 2012

KAMUT ® is cool! 5 Minute Grain Surgery™!

Chef Tess Bakeresse
5 minute Grain Surgery .
I'm starting to do some quick little posts on Grain Surgery  every Wednesday! I think this will give you some ideas of how to identify and use grains, and they will be fast reads. Hopefully this will increase your understanding of grains around here. Sometimes it will just be a quick recipe. Sometimes it will be a picture of the grain and an assignment on how to use it this week. This is not just for my local students, but for my friends all over the country and around the world. So today I'm starting off with one of my favorite friends.

 Guess what this is?

The really nice folks at  KAMUT ® brand khorasan wheat sent me some of this ancient wheat in its natural state. I say that but the grain is already in its most natural state when we get it from them but I had to show you! Look how fun!
 I used it yesterday to make noodles.
 This week we used it to make Ciabatta with marinated vegetables and garlic.
 It's high in protein and perfect for slow raised breads.
 I also love it in whole wheat tortillas.
 I love this stuff. I'm a fan. Read more about them It is probably one of the most pure grains you can get and its always organic, non-gmo and amazingly pure. Its the perfect wheat. I'm a fan. It's about 1/3 larger than modern wheat in size so if you see it next to red wheat this is how it looks (on the left).
For more recipes and how to this remarkable grain visit my posts here or you can also visit my recipes on the KAMUT ® website here. All I know, it that this is a grain worth having in your life.

There you go. 5 minute Grain Surgery!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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