Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Winter Visitor (Random Thought)

Today is the day our new winter visitor makes her appearance. darling friend Evil Tara  is going to Europe for three weeks (Christmas in Paris!!) and guess who gets to come and stay with us? Yup...Chicklet the wonder-dog. 

If she survives:

  •  my boys snuggling her endlessly
  • the gleeful chasing of  quail in our backyard (they have serious attitude)
  •  the onslaught of doggie treats (yes...we may have purchased a few pounds)
  • the annual New Year's Eve Party cheese tray (be afraid)
  • my singing (Okay, I sing like a Diva...I don't know if that is good or not.)
  • our goldfish Nancy's singing (She also drinks like a fish)
  • Ace's snoring...(even I can't take much of that sound.)

She may never want to leave. 

That being said, thank you Evil Tara for making my boy's dreams come true. They really wanted a dog for Christmas and well...I can say that so far, they haven't stopped talking about how cool she is. 

Who's coming to visit you for the Holidays???

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


TARA said...

Chicklet and I are both very excited for her upcoming stay at the Chef Tess and Family Resort. She even got two new coats today so that she can always look her finest and stay toasty warm in that gorgeous and humongous backyard. Just to be sure to hide the people treats. If they made chocolate scented bombs Chicklet could sniff them out from your house to Paris! Love you and Ace and Little Man and Face!

Crafty Crusader said...

First of all...Chicklet the Wonder Dog is absolutely ADORABLE and so patient to wear the reindeer horns so smashingly...Second of all..Chef Tess, you are TOO FUNNY & ADORABLE as well!! Have fun with your new little winter visitor, and Be careful with that cheese!! LOL!