Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Cookbook Is ONLINE!

Supplies are limited but I wanted to let everyone know that my new cookbook is finally available online!
Are we excited?! 

Here are the details My Cookbook on

The Gourmet Food Storage Handbook is a must have cookbook for any kitchen. Stephanie Petersen, more commonly known by her followers as Chef Tess, has hand-picked some of her favorite food storage recipes to help you create delicious meals that belong on every family's dinner table. With helpful tips and tutorials, this handbook will teach you how to fit a family-sized meal in a jar, how to make your own shelf-stable mixes, and how to make the richest, tastiest breads. All these recipes are made with Honeyville's easy to use ingredients, including premium grains, specialty flours, freeze dried products and dehydrated mixes.

The food storage cook book contains 225 full-color pages, packed with 143 incredible recipes, including: 9 Appetizer recipes, 9 Breakfast recipes, 6 Bean recipes, 14 Side Dishes, 5 Whole Grain Snacks, 6 Rolls, Sweet Rolls, & Freezer Bread recipes, 12 Whole Grain Bread recipes, 13 Dessert recipes, 31 Gourmet Mixes, 4 Holiday Soup Mixes, 9 Gluten Free recipes, and 25 of her highly popular 52 Method: Meals in a Jar recipes.

Practicing storage rotation is a must when building a food storage pantry. This book will help you find daily uses for your food storage items and take your cooking skills to the next level. Your family will soon be begging you to use food storage in every meal!

Price: $19.99
Item Number: 007-601-0163

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Marilyn said...

I'm so excited. Just purchased your cookbook from Honeyville online.

Chef Tess said...

Waaaawhoooo! That's soooo awesome!!

Rhoda said...

I'll be stalking the UPS man because my book will be here on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

got your cookbook! love it! already did up a bunch of "jar Meals", and am looking forward to trying other recipes, too :-)\lynne

Kate said...

Congratulations, my friend! I am ordering your book now!

Anonymous said...

Just received your cookbook. I stumbled across the website while researching long term storage foods. This is soo cool! Thanks for a wonderful way to use the foods we have!

Unknown said...

This is a great resource. I will order it online so that I can get started on creating an emergency food supply. Do you have plans in the works for writing a book with more meal in a jar recipes?

Doris said...

My book arrived yesterday. It looks great and I can't wait to try some of the recipes!

Anonymous said...

I finally got my book and took the time to read it over and over and over again. I do enjoy how you explain with simplicity how to do this or that (which means, even my husband won't have an excuse to get on the fun). I am aware that you did the book for Honeyville and that you make sure to mention that if we take different products it is at our own risk.

Now I want to say that I know that it is hard work but I am expecting another book with more exciting recipes soon I hope.

Sara Patton