Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where Do You Get Chef Coats? Shout Out!

 A few months ago I walked into a uniform store here in Phoenix. The name of the store will remain undisclosed. I had found them on the internet and they never answered their phones so I had to drive way across town. I'm a busy gal and usually pressed for time, but I really needed a new white chef coat and so far, this was the closest location with "uniform" in the title.   When I got there, I walked into a warehouse sized store full of pants and suits and anything you could imagine for the working-class. The entire uniform store had everything except chef coats. Everything. If I was a road worker I would have been set for life when it came to uniforms.  Needless to say, I had to go to my event without a new chef coat.  A few weeks ago the folks at contacted me and offered to send me a free chef coat to try out and review. I was excited to see what they had. Mind you, I only use them when I go to events or cook at the company kitchen, but that is often enough and the old white one I had was getting pretty worn out.  

They sent out a coat and I got it within a few days. I loved the fit and the look of it so much that I went back to their website right away and ordered 4 more! They had the Basic White Chef Coats starting as low as 10$ and from there one could get fancy and colorful and add all the wording and stuff (for a certain cost). 

 My new personally embroidered coats arrived just a few days after I had ordered them and the check-out on their site was very fast and easy. I'm just super impressed.
So, if you're in the market for a new chef coat, this is great location. The cost is right, I didn't have to take time out of my busy work day to drive across town and not find what I wanted...and the package came with a return sticker with paid postage inside, just in case there was something wrong with the size or whatever! 

There you go darlings! Get a chef coat. rocks!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Unknown said...

Thanks for this I've been looking for a chef uniform in Kansas City and I'm glad I found a place where I can get one.

Unknown said...

I've been looking at chef uniforms in Kansas City but now I really want a pink one!

Unknown said...

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