Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Decorative Bread and Class With the Ladies

This week, in light of the love holiday we adore so much here I had two classes two days in a row on sweetheart bread making. One was my usual baking at the teaching kitchen in the Honeyville Farms AZ store . Today was teaching a private in-home class to 4 beautiful ladies. I love classes when I get to bring the goodie baskets!
 Today's class was hosted by darling April B. She's been a student for a year or so at the store but this was our first private class. I don't normally teach these anymore but April's won the class during a drawing at our new kitchen ribbon cutting event. It was fate. 
After kneading bread together, forming loaves and baking them, I thought I'd share the latest fun with the bread made simple by the use of food-grade cake stamps. Wilton made them but on their website it is looking like they are no longer available. I was able to find them and most of my local craft stores still have them in the cake decorating section. This was made using the 4 piece heart set

I use Wilton Icing gels and colors. Lightly painting the colors onto the stamps seems to work best.Generally I glaze the loaf with a little of my favorite Duff-metallic-gold-cake-graffiti
I also very much prefer his Duff-decorator-paint-brushes. They never leave pieces of brush on my breads.
Yes I do realize Duff is the Cake guy. I don't know if Duff knows his stuff is rock-star-cool for bread. I'm just telling ya what I love.
I love results I can count on.
 Plus, it is just nice to not have to be an artist! Play. Get your craft on. 
White White Icing Color  is what I use for the white. Make sure your bread is slightly warm for the color to hold best. Lightly paint the stamp with the color. Dipping in too much color will make a gooey mess.

 I had a really fun time seeing gals who said, "I'm not an artist" make the breads pretty simply! I love that!!
 Now, it may not be the normal bread you see every single day...but I think this will be the next big movement in baking trends. If I have anything to do with it, it sure as heck-fire will be!!  Glory be to the bread!  Right ladies?!

There you go my darlings! Make some fun bread!

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Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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