Monday, April 22, 2013

Gluten Free Coconut Flour Muffins Video Tutorial

I got to play in an evil think tank with chef Matthew Grunwald making some lower carbohydrate, gluten free muffins out of coconut flour. I think we had way too much crazy fun! What do you think?

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


lmmlifestylist said...

YOu are so cute Stephanie! Just love everything you do!!
XO Laura

lmmlifestylist said...

You're so cute!! Just love everything you do Stephanie!! XO Laura

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Totally in love with the meals in a jar! I've been watching your youtube channel and having a blast.

I wonder though, why you would use jars instead of mylar. Having never done this I'm curious. It seems like jars are more expensive and bulky. Would love your reason!

Thanks for sharing your incredible talent.

Chef Tess said...

Jars don't require any special equipment to seal them, are easy to find anywhere in the country and are rodent proof. Some prefer mylar and some prefer jars. I do both just depending on what I'm doing. :)