Saturday, April 13, 2013

Utah State University Preparedness Expo Highlights

Have you ever walked up to a store and seen a poster with your own face on it? Well...this was a crazy surprise! I had no idea that I was being put here on this poster...but it was sooooo cool to see it as I walked up to the stores in Utah!
 Today I took a special trip down to an expo center in Sandy Utah to teach two different classes at a USU preparedness expo community event. It was a bit surreal and I'm going to admit that I was a little nervous wondering what I could offer when Utah State University is just so epic well known for their food science.
However, I set my own self-doubt aside and decided that I'd have fun no matter what. Even if I threw-up on stage, they'd always remember me. Right?
Joining me for the 52 method meals in a jar class was my trusty menu board. I'm going to name her Milli the Menu...because she's starting to get more fans than anyone I know. Seriously. Who needs one of these? I love Milli. Love her. 
Random side-note. When I arrived home to see my folks they surprised me with a fully equip kitchen in my new downstairs apartment, ready for baking and getting ready for the two television segments and events of the weekend. I have to give them a big shout-out for that. It is so nice to have a home away from home to be able to get ready for shows! Thanks mom and dad!  I know it seems strange, but suddenly I feel like I can visit Utah any time and be ready at a moment's notice for whatever I need to do...and the stress just went way down in my soul. Thank you!! 
High Point!
Here I am on stage with my Mega Mom. She's the one who took my tiny fat fingers as a girl and first showed me how to knead bread with fresh milled whole grain flour from Honeyville. Now, what more could a girl want than to be on stage with such a cool mom?! I love her for teaching me all the science stuff behind bread and I'm so thankful to Utah State for teaching her all that she needed to know as well! Full circle cool-fest right there. Yup. Full circle. 
Other cool thing...this stinkin' cute street sign! Mary the Great at the Salt Lake City store did this. I love you Mary!!
Now this little ribbon and name-tag- memento will be clipped to Milli the Menu to remind me that even though I was vomit-nervous, I got  up on that stage and did my show! I felt like God was with me every step! It ended up being a big highlight of my year and one of my favorite events! Thank you all for being there with love, hugs, giggles, pats on the back...and for letting all your little girls line up in a row and ask for my autograph. I'll never get over that as long as I live. Never. Ever.
Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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