Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Week Before Christmas Goodie List...

So. Ya know how it goes right? I've been planning on doing a lot of things. In my mind.  Then today it really hit me that this is the week before Christmas and what do I have left to do. There's some serious details that need to be covered.
Well first of all...there's the edible ornaments.  We do these every year. It's tradition.
So. I made these today.
In my mind I looked like this...all peeeeerty and glamorous.
 I'm pretty sure it wasn't that elegant.
Confession...I never really did get to making the gingerbread houses this year.
 Though last year we did this one...and it is still in a glass cookie jar the size of a 5 gallon fish tank in my kitchen...so that counts as still having the goods, right? It isn't even dusty. Bonus. Year-old candy. Woop. Seriously. We're not eating it. Don't worry.
This week, we also usually make some kind of goodie for Christmas Eve.  I'm thinking chocolate cupcakes.
However, I think it will end up being pumpkin chocolate chip tamales from the Pumpkin Tamale Tutorial. I know a really good tamale guy if I run short on time.
This week, just like every week, I still will make several dozen of these for the Farmer's Market...Yes. I'm at the Central Farmer's Market in Phoenix every Saturday Morning now!

Plus some of these...for the Cinnamon Roll...with toffee and White Chocolate truffle egg-nog frosting...
 Free Class on Thursday, Dec. 19th 10am
Register NowThings are going to get a little crazy when Tess does her cinnamon rolls at this free class. Just in time for your holiday!!!

If my kids are lucky we'll make the chocolate mounds balls. I don't think I'm going to be that ambitious. We did get some killer amaaaaazing chocolate into the store and the Almond Joy Balls and Chocolate Dipping Tips are calling my name.  Evil. Evil. Evil.

Guess what? We did get to these today.
 From my class today on  Edible "Stained Glass" Gingerbread ornaments
We also did these using gingerbread circles...and a lot of candy.
Here's the deeeeeal. What if the list of "must do" was just shorter this year. What if the list became more of "optional as long as the kids know I love them".
 I know. That sounds pretty cliché, but this chef is working harder than ever.
  The kids are craving my time and attention...and I really am starting to realize that the "must do (to keep face)" is not as important as the "must do to kiss their faces". I never thought I'd admit that I can't do it all. However, I've been feeling my own mortality...and that's probably a good thing.
So there it is. What's on my list. Really?
1. Snuggle the kids.
2. Make cookies while snuggling the kids.
3. Make a few more ornaments and stuff for the tree with the kids and snuggle the kids.
4. Make sweet memories. Have something to look back-on when I'm old...er...
Somewhere in there this week there will be work and more work. However, what I do for work, is not what makes my life's work. It is those people closest to me and my Faith that will ultimately be what I become in the end. So there it is. The week before Christmas "must do".  Must...make time for Life. So sing loud my darlings. It is time.
Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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