Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My New Bread book on Pre-Order! Bread Art: Decorating and Painting Edible Bread for Beginners

 I have dreamed of being a published author for most of my life.  When I started creating Bread Art and edible decorative loaves with instructions so simple that anyone could make them, I had no idea how popular this idea would become. In my new book, there are extensive photo tutorials, easy recipes, and directions for taking any loaf of bread and turning it into a masterpiece! No baking experience required! You'll be shocked and amazed at how easy this craft can be!

That being said, this book is my first cookbook that hasn't been sponsored by a company.  I am completely excited...and nervous. I'm thankful for the faith this publisher has put in me, especially after the many who turned me down. It was a tear-filled day to get that letter of acceptance!

  So I'm asking for your help in spreading the word.  Please Pin the pictures. Post the link. Share it as much as you can via facebook and social media.  I don't have money to offer you as a reward. I don't have much, but my gratitude for your help in making this dream a reality. 

It is because of all of you, my friends here on the blog, that the joy of bread has spread far and wide.  My little family thanks you for that. I thank you for that.  
Here is the link for pre-orders:
Bread Art: Decorating and Painting Edible Bread for Beginners

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


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