Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Random Thoughts. Rocket Science and Home Canning

My next book is Rock Science for Dummies. Just kidding. I always feel like a nuclear physicist when I put my canning jars in my pressure canner. I don't know if it is because it looks like the canner is a spy satellite  that should be floating around  Mars. I don't know if I should be colliding atoms in it. It just feels like I need a better lab coat and some really nerdy goggles. 
This morning I got up a little early to get some beans and meat canned before my class.  The canner makes a hissing sputtering noise when it is processing jars.

 My husband kept asking me, "Should it be making the noise it was making?" 
He asked persistently, " Is that thing going to explode?" 

 My response was, "Yes on the first question.
 No explosions.
 Leave me alone, I'm a professional. 
I'm making your beans."

Silence. Gigggggle. Knee slapping.
Then I almost sat on the floor laughing. Beans. 

"Should it be making that noise?"

Do you get it? 
Don't worry. Ace didn't get my joke either.  I think I was just giggly tired and it was starting to show.  I think it is evidence that I have teenage boys that talk about gas way more than they should. 

I told him I just needed more chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

Ace just looked at me like I needed more sleep...and maybe a vacation.

There you go.
Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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