Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cooking with Chef Tess to Air on the Heartland Network in Las Vegas

I received an epic call from the owner of TgoTV a few nights ago and I'm still having a hard time digesting the gravity of the news.  Since my pilot episode launched in November, there hasn't been another episode of the show added to her network, and I was beginning to think that it was a pretty dream, but that it might not go much further.  Theresa Goss, the network owner and my Producer,let me know that she had been in a meeting with the head of the Heartland TV Network in Las Vegas.  During her meeting, she had been able to show them my pilot episode. She said that they loved it and wanted it on their network on local TV with the possibility of it going national on all their affiliate stations.  After I dropped the phone and stopped giggling with joy, I was able to compose myself enough to just scream! Hooooray!!!!!! 

 Long story short, the papers have been signed and my show will be airing on Heartland TV  in Las Vegas on channels 34.2 and on Cox cable channel 97 every Saturday at 1:30 pm starting March 25th! YES!!!!

There are several Heartland TV Affiliate Stations Nationally and this definitely has the potential to take the show across the country.  I'm trying to maintain some level of calm, but in my house, I've been squealing with absolute joy for days on end!  

That being said, not only has it been a remarkable few days, but I have been filled with so much gratitude.  The journey is still going to be long, but thankfully, there's new opportunities still ahead and I am so excited! 

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

Saturday, February 25, 2017

I have a New Job!

 I have had a remarkable few weeks.  The blessings that have come into my life have left me overwhelmed with gratitude and where there once has been extreme stress and frustration, there has come new levels of peace and happiness. So great have been the blessings, that I have frequently found myself just crying a little...because of the joy. 

Case in point, I was at a breaking point with my job as a traditional pastry chef.  The long hours on my feet and the wonky early morning hours (seriously 2 am was kicking my butt) were just getting to me.  I needed something with a lot more security and to feel like I was making a difference, not just making cakes. 

The good Lord heard my prayers.  Just over three weeks ago after a whirlwind of interviews and a flight to Colorado where I met the president of Panhandle Milling, I was offered a fantastic position as their Culinary Marketing Specialist.  That's just a fancy way of saying that I get to write package labels, food blogs, magazine articles, cookbooks and develop recipes for their company and its clients.  I get to do what I love best and they are taking good care of this girl.  I have never felt more blessed! Seriously. I am still based in Phoenix, but will travel a little more to their mill locations in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. 

That being said, not only has it been a remarkable few weeks, but I have been filled with so much gratitude.  So far, they are living up to their promises as a company in every way.  The journey is still going to be long, but thankfully, there's new opportunities still ahead and I am so excited to be part of what they are doing! 

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chef Tess Bakeresse Named one of the top 100 food blogs

I received an amazing email this week from the founder of feedspot. Chef Tess Bakeresse  was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Chef Blogs  on the web. For more details, the article is  Here. I just had to share this outstanding news! Seriously. Especially after starting this little blog initially so that I could get a little peace at dinner time because my sweet cooking class students would call with cooking questions as they were preparing dinner and I wanted them to have a fast resource.  I am amazed at where this blog has gone and the things it has brought into my life along the way.  Thank you all for being a part of that journey.  I love you so much!

We've come a long way my darlings!  

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

Monday, February 20, 2017

Streets Fine Chicken in Dallas TX, Rambling Review

 Y'all know that if I don't like a restaurant, I don't give it a review on my blog.  As a general rule, I just think it is classy to only share what is awesome and not rip another establishment down. That being said, I was in Dallas last week with Evil TARA ...the original giant brain in my Evil Think Tanks ...see the ETT for details on how those kitchen shenanigans ensued.  At any rate, she's the one who originally said, "Steph, you should start a blog." To which I replied, "What's a blog?"  I had so much to learn and she opened the floodgate.  We've had a lot of fun along the way.  Now, back to Dallas.

During a two day visit with my remarkable friend, we were looking for a place to have a quick dinner.  We found this one.  Streets Fine Chicken

I should have known that I'd love it just based on the first few items on the menu...Chickarones, fried chicken skins with chili lime salt, and the chicken lollipops, smoked 'n' fried chicken drumsticks rolled in a Grand Marnier horseradish molasses.
 We ordered the lollies. How could we not?
They were fall-off-the-bone tender smoked  and then deep fried giving it a very unique crisp-tender contrast.  That perfect little drumette was then covered in this sticky-savory molasses that literally made me giddy.  The presentation was spot-on and the flavors were perfect. 

Next we got the Chickarones. In Arizona and across the country people have fried pig skins all the time.  I thought this was a brilliant use of chicken skin, plus when I bake chicken, I really love the crispy skin!  These were so crispy and warm with a mild chili and lime salt.   

 I think I can't admit how many of them I ate.  I was on vacation. Don't judge me. Seriously though, they were crispy heaven! They were everything one would expect in a fried pork skin, but with chicken...and way better than pork. Waaaay better. 
After that, we were on to the main stage.  They had two things that were their specialty.  Fried chicken and something called "Sin Killer Chicken".  Tara had had Peri Peri chicken in France and insisted that I'd love it.  I had to trust that, plus the description sounded absolutely divine!

We ordered it with the creamy baked brie macaroni and cheese.  I wish I had words to describe the flavor explosion. Tangy, sweet, spicy with hints of citrus and herbs then grilled to a tender perfection.  I was in love.  Life changing chicken.  I never say that, but this was awesome.
Sin Killer is flame grilled chicken marinated in olive oil, agave nectar, orange peel, lime juice, garlic, cilantro, onion, Peri Peri peppers, herbs and spices; There was also a light and super fluffy honey biscuit; creamy brie mac n' cheese made with gouda and creamy brie - baked then toasted to perfection. 
By the time we got to their signature fried chicken and roasted brussel sprouts, I could barely take a bite.  The few tastes I did have were really remarkable. It wasn't fried chicken that you could ever put in a bucket.  It was really delightful. 
Needless to say, I really adore this chicken place.  The service was every bit as awesome as the food served with a smile and a Texas accent.  Whenever I'm in Dallas, this will definitely be on my list of places to go!

There you go darlings! Go visit these guys!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess