Friday, August 7, 2020

Giant Sunflowers and Faith

Faith is the principal of action in all intelligent beings.

Flip a light switch, why? Faith that it will turn on or off. Plant a seed why? Faith that it will grow. Faith in God is so real. It is something that actually has power to move mountains. I I bring this up because of these sunflowers. We have been a little obsessed with some of the giant varieties as of late and ordered some seeds. I had no idea if these Mongolian Giant and Sunzilla varieties would get as tall as the 15 feet that they were advertised to grow. After all, everything on the internet isn't true and someone could have just put that random sunflower seed in a package and charged us, not thinking we'd actually follow-through with the planting. Right?

Well. Here's the truth. I didn't really know it would happen, but my son put these support poles in place just as the baby 6 inches sunflowers had emerged. He knew without a doubt that these babies would grow BIG! I'm pretty sure he prayed for their success. He watered them. He made sure the had enough fertilizer. Yes. We actually had the conversation, because I had no idea that was a thing and he had researched all the successful growing methods for big sunflowers.

His faith amazes me. His actions to back his faith amaze me too. It inspires me. and it most definitely paid off.

Faith doesn't fall upon us by chance. Most certainly, this faith was not by accident. It was by choice.

 So this is your reminder: 

Not everything on the internet is a lie. There are life-changing truths that you can find.
Faith is a real principle.
God is most certainly in charge of things.
Oh...and God is super smart. Seriously. How can a seed do all leaves and the stem and the giant flowers and well aaaaaall the plants in the whole world?! 
I'm going to trust Him a whole lot more, especially in this crazy 2020 world. 

Faith is a deliberate choice. Think about that.  Choosing to believe and backing that belief with action, is what truly will make a difference in the world.  In just a 6 short months my son will be leaving home and serving the Lord as a full-time missionary. While my heart aches at the thought of not having his amazing soul near me everyday, I cannot wait to see all the results of his remarkable Faith as he goes forward. 

Neil L. Andersen said: The Savior perceived the strength or weakness in the faith of those around Him. To one, He said approvingly, “Great is thy faith.”1 He lamented to another, “O ye of little faith.”2 He questioned others, “Where is your faith?”3 And Jesus distinguished yet another with, “[In all Israel] I have not found so great faith.”4

I ask myself, “How does the Savior see my faith?”

I ask you, “How does the Savior see your faith?”

Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is not something ethereal, floating loosely in the air. Faith does not fall upon us by chance or stay with us by birthright. It is, as the scriptures say, “substance …, the evidence of things not seen.”5 Faith emits a spiritual light, and that light is discernible.6 Faith in Jesus Christ is a gift from heaven that comes as we choose to believe7 and as we seek it and hold on to it. 

Your faith is either growing stronger or becoming weaker. 

Faith is a principle of power, important not only in this life but also in our progression beyond the veil.8 By the grace of Christ, we will one day be saved through faith on His name.9 

The future of your faith is not by chance, but by choice.

I am choosing Faith.

Your Friend in Christ,



Marsha said...

Love this. God bless your son.

Unknown said...

They sure did grow that is for sure.

emmers said...

Your thoughts moved me to tears this morning. So powerful! I also choose to have faith and trust in God, even when it is hard. That choice has been the source of so many good things in my world. Thank you Steph - for sharing your choice, your faith in Jesus Christ, with me and with the world. My choice, my faith, is strengthened by your choice, by your faith.